Coding a Ping Pong Game

Students have been working hard to learn how to code their own ping pong game by pair programming. One student is the driver (i.e. the coder) and one student is the navigator (i.e. makes suggestions). Students will change roles throughout their coding time and work together.

We have also been having success with students taking on leadership roles and helping other groups in the class. Check out some of our games below:


What is the trickiest thing you found when coding your game?

What else could we add to our ping pong games?

What kind of game would you like to code next?

6 thoughts on “Coding a Ping Pong Game

  1. Dear Mrs.kostiuk well
    it is hared but. it was fun Im stull not don but I stull need to work on it so.
    I bet my sister will like it so much she will like it well not gest like it she will love it so much and I love it so much gest as much as I do I love coting and it is fun and awesome and wekdid I like it well I stull working on it I mi freget wut to do but ill stull bet it is stul in mind
    from jasmine

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