Grade 3 Mural

Here is a picture of our last day with the beautiful class mural designed and painted by our class with the direction of Mary, Tristen’s mom! A big thank you to Mary for giving us this wonderful opportunity. I cannot wait to see these up on the side of the school :).


Enjoy your summer, soon-to-be grade 4’s!

Love Mrs. Kostiuk

When We Were Young

In preparation for our Grade 3 Assembly tomorrow at 11 I have been going through all kinds of photos throughout our year to create a slideshow. I even came across some from when students in our class were in kindergarten and grade one! Wow, how we grow!

image-3-1og3iyc image-4-12u9b24 IMG_1031 IMG_1124 IMG_1480 IMG_1481 IMG_1485 IMG_1486 IMG_1488 unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed IMG_1030 IMG_0861

What is your favourite memory at our school?

Who do you think this is below?


Geodome Visit

Mr. Loftsgard and his grade 6/7 class stopped by our school today with their amazing geodome projects! This fits in perfectly with our learning of geometry!









How did these students make their geodome projects?

If you could do this project, what shape would you create?

Flora the Wolf

We had an exciting visit from the Northern Lights Wolf Centre today. If you follow our blog you would see that Flora the wolf visited us a few years ago, too! We loved learning about wolves and seeing Flora today. We even got to play a fun wolf game called “Flora Says”!

What did you learn about wolves?

Why are wolves important to have in our forests? What would happen if they weren’t there?

Mary Poppins: The Movie

After finishing the book, Mary Poppins, last week we got to watch the movie today! We created a Venn Diagram to add similarities and differences we noticed during the movie. We also decided to have a pajama party with stuffies to enjoy the movie. Thanks to Guy and Maylyn for some tasty treats to go along with our “spoonful of sugar” – it was a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!