National Aboriginal Day

Today we celebrated Aboriginal Education. Although the name may be changing, the goal of the day – to celebrate and acknowledge the first people on this land, remains the same. Mrs. Keiver put together a fantastic morning of activities complete with games, stories, art projects, and yummy bannock.
Which station did you enjoy the most?








Dedicated to Mrs. D.

Our Science Fair this year was dedicated to Mrs. Driscoll, who has been the heart and soul behind our Science Fairs for many years at our school.

Mrs. Driscoll has been at our school the entire time that you have been here. She looks after all of us and our school in so many ways. Tell me about something you love about Mrs. D. or something you would like to thank her for doing for you and our school.


Today we got to have a movie/stuffie/PJ day! We watched the movie, Mary Poppins! Here was one of our favourite songs:

What was your favourite part of Mary Poppins in the book or movie?

Which song did you like the best in Mary Poppins? (A Spoonful of Sugar, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Steppin’ Time, Chim Chim Cher-ee, Let’s Go Fly A Kite)

Student-led Conferences

We are starting our student-led conferences this week! I am so excited to have the opportunity for students to bring their parents into our classroom to show and demonstrate their learning. To get ready, we decided to practice a student-led conference with some acting “parents” in our class.

Which is your favourite station to show?

If you could add a station to the conference, what would it be?

Come to our Fair Tomorrow!

It’s the Science Fair tomorrow!

Our class has been working SO hard to finish up science boards, take care of our plants, and create a food connection to their project. Here is a sample of how we made our projects (written by Makaia, picture of Lark):

I cannot wait to see our Science Fair all come together tomorrow. Come and check it out Friday, June 2 from 9-12. Hope to see you there!