Fundraising for a Solar Panel

As part of our Green Games focus on solar energy this year, our school is also fundraising to buy a solar panel for our greenhouse. Our grade 3’s use the greenhouse lots in the spring to begin growing our science fair projects and the solar panel will help power a heater to keep our plants warm.


We already got a twitter response within minutes of Mrs. Kostiuk posting the above – wahoo!


Last week we got a special visit from our mayor to tell us all about our SunMine.


What did you learn about our SunMine?

Start thinking about your science fair project. What would you like to grow in the greenhouse?

Solar Energy

Our whole K-3 school has been learning about solar energy this month. Tonight we are hosting a POPS (Parents of Primary Students) Night at our school to show off our learning. The night will have a nonfiction focus and each classroom will have different activities. Our class will be featuring the solar ovens that each student has made. We roasted some tasty s’mores on Monday and hope to do another snack again before they go home!

Watch these videos and then comment in the padlet below! Click for Sun song: I’m So Hot! and Frank the Photon.

What does nonfiction mean?

How did your solar oven work? Did you do anything to improve it?

Boomwhackers introduction

Today we were introduced to Boomwhackers! We learned that the different colours and different lengths of boomwhackers made different sounds. We got to play along to a rhythm pattern today and Mrs. Kostiuk was very impressed! This will be a great way to get us ready to play recorders in the spring.


We had our second Recognition Assembly today. Ethan (making a funny face) was the MC from our class.

Ethan MC

Check out this great song that the grade 2’s performed today about solar energy. It will be an awesome song for us to learn for our school’s Green Games project. Click Solar Power Rag for the words.

How do you think Boomwhackers will help us learn to play recorders?

Are you excited about our solar projects? What do you think will happen with our solar ovens next week?