Coding a Ping Pong Game

Students have been working hard to learn how to code their own ping pong game by pair programming. One student is the driver (i.e. the coder) and one student is the navigator (i.e. makes suggestions). Students will change roles throughout their coding time and work together.

We have also been having success with students taking on leadership roles and helping other groups in the class. Check out some of our games below:


What is the trickiest thing you found when coding your game?

What else could we add to our ping pong games?

What kind of game would you like to code next?

A Recipe to Stay Cool

We have been learning all about ways we can stay cool in situations during our No Putdowns program. Miss Granger came up with this fun way to have us create our own special “recipe” of ways that work for each of us to stay cool. Check them out in the gallery below!

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How do you stay cool?

Why should we learn about these things?

Thursday Skates

We are going skating every Thursday this month! During this time we have had some excellent hockey and figure skate teachers from our class and Mrs. Sharpe’s help to lead stations so that we can learn some skating skills such as stopping, skating backwards, crossovers, balancing, jumping, and how to fall safely and get up.




Here are the links to videos we watched on stopping.

How to Hockey Stop for Beginners

Learn how to do a Snow Plough Stop

How to do a T-Stop

What is your favourite station at skating so far and why?

What are the differences between hockey skates and figure skates?

Frolicking Friday Balloon Adventures

We decided to try out some experiments in the snow last week on Frolicking Friday. We really were not sure what would happen!

We also tried out snowshoeing. Can’t wait for next time!

What happened with your balloon experiments out in the snow?

Have you ever gone snowshoeing before?

What else could we do outside with the snow on Frolicking Friday?

The Daily 5


There are lots of fun ways we can practice reading and writing. This January we started the Daily 5. Here are some of the things we have been practicing:


Read to Self – Epic! Books for Kids


Read to Someone (a puppet!)


Writing – Class Blog


Listen to Reading

What is the Daily 5? Check out this video that Mrs. Kostiuk created last year in one of her Master’s courses to show how technology can be used in the Daily 5.

Vote for your favourite station!


Which Daily 5 station is your favourite and why?

Have you read any books on Epic yet? If so, which ones do you like?

We Can Count By 5’s

Happy 2017!

We were back to school this week and started learning about something new in math – time! We talked about the differences between digital and analog clocks and discovered how handy it is counting by 5’s.

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Check out this fun song about the 5 times tables. We will be learning more about multiplication soon!

What do you want to learn about time?

Do you know any times tables?