Freja’s Adventures to the Coast

Bikes to rent at Granville Island


The tiny ferry to Science World


Our downtown hotel on Granville St.


Petting the Sting Rays


Giant Sea Turtle


A beaver and it’s lodge in the background


Maylyn’s Trip to Disneyland

Hi class!

I’m having a great holiday in California! I spent my birthday at Disneyland! The parades are incredible. Today we went to Legoland.  That was amazing!



Maylyn 1 Maylyn 2

Anden’s Trip to Whistler

Our classmate, Anden, took a trip to Whistler.

Anden 1

Black Tusk from top of the Peak Chair in Whistler

Anden 2

Anden feeding a local Whiskeyjack

Anden 3

Anden in front of the Olympic Rings on the Creekside of Whistler

Anden 4

Anden skiing the Symphony bowl in knee high powder

Highlights of the trip included:

  • Anden skied the same days as Premier Trudeau and his family did at Whistler this past weekend.
  • He rode up a chairlift with an on duty police officer ( who was snowboarding ) on the Symphony Chair.
  • He got to ski with his uncle who is a local social media journalist in the area.

Remy returns to Saskatchewan

He says, “It was a loooooong drive.. 13 hours. I was the only one who stayed awake the whole DS died and the Gameboy. I look muscular in the picture of me by the fence in Moosejaw. Saskatchewan is flat and you can see for miles… lots of cows and some buffalo. There was a whole herd of buffalo.. and that’s it from me. Happy thanksgiving class.. see you when I get back.”

remy 3 remy 1 remy 2Check out a post below from last year when Remy went to Saskatchewan.

Sonja goes to Calgary

Our classmate, Sonja, went to Calgary with her family to celebrate Chinese New Year! Check out these pictures and videos:

Sonja 4 Sonja 5 Sonja 2 Sonja 1 Sonja 6

Remy goes to Saskatchewan

Our classmate Remy went on a trip for Thanksgiving to visit his family in Saskatchewan. They drove in 3  provinces to get there! It takes 12 hours for Remy to get to his family. Can you tell which provinces Remy drove through?


The photos are mostly of life in Saskatchewan, what we saw along the way. Farms, huge open sky, cattle and combines.  People in Saskatchewan are very hard working and live around next to no trees… no shelter from wind or sun.

20141009_183051 20141009_175758 20141009_121240 20141009_121221 20141009_083950 20141009_083226

Zack & Ty go to Yellowstone

Dear Mrs. Kostiuk and Class,

We are having a fun time on our trip to Yellowstone.

These pictures show the coolest place we have ever been – inside a cave that went more than a mile underground!

This was in Lewis & Clark Cavern State Park.

01 2 3 4

We got lucky today and saw an amazing geyser – they are all over the park.  We also saw lots of wildlife – Moose, a black bear, bison, Elk, mule deer, pronghorn deer, and got caught in a pika jam!  Tomorrow we are heading back to the park – Old Faithful here we come!

6 7 8

Here we are at Earthquake Lake on the way to Yellowstone.

Today we toured Yellowstone National Park for the first time – we saw a petrified tree that was 50 million years old and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone – it was awesome!

See you soon,

Ty & Zack

9 10 11

27 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Dear Remy

    I hope you are having a great time in Saskatchewan. The pictures are super cool. I never new that windmills made power/electricity that is a cool fact. I would like to go to Saskatchewan but I like the mountains and stuff like trees. See ya soon.

    From Presley

  2. Dear Mrs. K

    I want to go to Saskatchewan this spring brake but I like going to los gates
    I went there last year and the year before that we go there for the whether my moms brother lives there well he has a hose there he lives in Calgary and he has a hose at silven lake so in vegesme and my family stay in his house he has a pool and a water slide I love going there its so much fun.his house is so big.

    From Kiera

  3. Dear Mrs. Kostiuk

    He drove through three provinces right so he also drove for 12 hours too!! That is pretty long for me. So back to your question he drove through BC, Alberta and then he was in sastchawan . That would take long like I mean 12 hours searsly that is long.

    From Presley

    • Dear Mischa,

      I love Italy! My husband and I went to Rome and Venice three years ago. Where did you go in Italy? You are very lucky that you got to go! Did you eat pasta everyday? What did you think of the pizza there? It’s different than most of the pizza here, but I still liked it.

      From Mrs. Kostiuk

    • Hi Trista and Kim,

      I hope you are enjoying your weekend :). Please e-mail me the pictures and any details you would like included to my e-mail address located in the front pocket of Trista’s planner. Thanks!

      From Mrs. Kostiuk

  4. Dear Remy
    I am POSTEDing to my selfe!!! Saskatchewan tack’s 12 hower’s from our town to Saskatchewan but, wine my Ukolle came it wasint 12 hower’s kuss they’ve got I think that they have a cupola more hower’s then us?

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