Dedicated to Mrs. D.

Our Science Fair this year was dedicated to Mrs. Driscoll, who has been the heart and soul behind our Science Fairs for many years at our school.

Mrs. Driscoll has been at our school the entire time that you have been here. She looks after all of us and our school in so many ways. Tell me about something you love about Mrs. D. or something you would like to thank her for doing for you and our school.

Come to our Fair Tomorrow!

It’s the Science Fair tomorrow!

Our class has been working SO hard to finish up science boards, take care of our plants, and create a food connection to their project. Here is a sample of how we made our projects (written by Makaia, picture of Lark):

I cannot wait to see our Science Fair all come together tomorrow. Come and check it out Friday, June 2 from 9-12. Hope to see you there!

The Curious Garden

We have been enjoying “The Curious Garden” by Peter Brown.

Here are some pictures of Mrs. Burgess’ trip to see the real garden in New York City that inspired this story:

This story fits into our preparation for the science fair. This week we have been getting all of our projects planted in the greenhouse. We are lucky to have a greenhouse so that we can plant even when it is not quite warm enough to plant outside. In “The Curious Garden,” Liam uses the colder months to prepare for spring as a gardener.

Write a to-do list that you think Liam would use to prepare for Spring.

What do plants need to grow?

Check out our thoughts and ideas about what plants need to grow. We can’t wait to plant soon and get our projects growing in the greenhouse!

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The Photosynthesis cycle shows the things plants need to grow. Let’s try making the cycle in Scratch to show what you know!

Also, if you want to test out this simulation lab, it will show you an experiment using different colours of light and how it affects different plant’s growth.

What do plants need to grow?

How are you going to use what you already know about plants to make an experiment for the science fair?

Plants Brainstorm

We are getting ready to choose the plants we each would like to grow in our greenhouse! Before we make our choices, we decided to have a brainstorm session on plants that grow in our area. It was helpful to think about the plants that grow in our gardens and what we can buy at our farmer’s market. Next, we organized those plants into categories. After that, we surveyed some of the classes in our school to compare different ways we use plants. This information will help us create wonders and experiments for our plant investigations.

Which plant are you thinking about growing in our greenhouse?

What question do you have about your plant or other plants?

Frolicking Friday Balloon Adventures

We decided to try out some experiments in the snow last week on Frolicking Friday. We really were not sure what would happen!

We also tried out snowshoeing. Can’t wait for next time!

What happened with your balloon experiments out in the snow?

Have you ever gone snowshoeing before?

What else could we do outside with the snow on Frolicking Friday?

Float Your Boat

We are loving all of the experiments we get to do in Science with Ms. Granger! Today we each got a piece of plasticine and had to figure out how to make it float. Next, we experimented to see how many pennies it could hold!


How did you make your plasticine float?

How many pennies did your boat hold?

Anyone Can Be An Artist

Have you read The Dot by Peter Reynolds?

We read the book today and were so excited to be able to enjoy some dot activities – dodgeball, dice games, dot-to-dots, dot art, molecules in science – all sorts of fun things!

Check out this video of all the fun things we did!

What was your favourite Dot Day activity?

Why should we celebrate Dot Day?

Geodome Visit

Mr. Loftsgard and his grade 6/7 class stopped by our school today with their amazing geodome projects! This fits in perfectly with our learning of geometry!









How did these students make their geodome projects?

If you could do this project, what shape would you create?