Swim Time

It is swimming lesson time! Every Monday for the next six weeks we will be going to our local pool for swimming lessons.

Have you ever taken swimming lessons before?

Do you like to swim in a pool or the lake better?


Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives

It is Fire Prevention Week and we had a special visit from Firefighter Noah and Firefighter Antoine. This year the theme is Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives. 

Fire Safety 1 Fire Safety 2We even got to check out a firetruck!

Fire Safety 5 Fire Safety 7 Fire Safety 6 Fire Safety 3 Fire Safety 9You can tour more of the fire truck with your family, as well as the Fire Hall, on Thursday, October 9 at 6pm.

Here are some questions to get you thinking about what you learned about fire prevention:

What do smoke detectors do to help us?

What signal can you make to firefighters from your bedroom window?

Have you made a fire escape plan with your family? If you have, what is it?


Bus Safety

This week our school has been learning about bus safety. Many of us ride the bus to and from school every day, but all of us need to ride the bus for all of the cool field trips we go on each year, so we need to know how to be safe! Check out these photos of our class learning about bus safety from Bus Driver Glen:

IMG_0002 IMG_0003

What do you know about bus safety?

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