Children’s Choice Book Awards

Our class participated in the Children’s Choice Book Awards last week by checking out the finalists on Epic and then setting up our own voting booth complete with ballots and a ballot box.

After the count, we had a clear winner in our class:

What did you learn about voting? What are the rules?

Why is it important to do a secret ballot or blind vote like we often do in gym?

Robert Munsch Mania

We have been loving listening to Robert Munsch read his stories at our Listen to Reading station during the Daily 5 stations. This has been helping us learn to read with expression. Check out the tab above to see some of his awesome read-alouds. Today we each got to choose our own Robert Munsch book to take home. Happy Spring Break reading!


Which Robert Munsch book did you choose? 

Which Robert Munsch story is your favourite that we have listened to?

One Smile

We have been enjoying the story of “One Smile” and how it relates to the kindness boomerang video.

Mrs. Carriere came to help us learn about this story. Here are some of the connections we made:

This fits in perfectly with our celebration of RAK Week (Random Acts of Kindness) and is a good lead up to Pink Shirt day next Wednesday, February 22. Stay tuned to see how these kindness boomerangs have inspired us to do something of our own 😉

What is a kindness boomerang?

What acts of kindness do you like to do for others?

Coding a Ping Pong Game

Students have been working hard to learn how to code their own ping pong game by pair programming. One student is the driver (i.e. the coder) and one student is the navigator (i.e. makes suggestions). Students will change roles throughout their coding time and work together.

We have also been having success with students taking on leadership roles and helping other groups in the class. Check out some of our games below:


What is the trickiest thing you found when coding your game?

What else could we add to our ping pong games?

What kind of game would you like to code next?

The Daily 5


There are lots of fun ways we can practice reading and writing. This January we started the Daily 5. Here are some of the things we have been practicing:


Read to Self – Epic! Books for Kids


Read to Someone (a puppet!)


Writing – Class Blog


Listen to Reading

What is the Daily 5? Check out this video that Mrs. Kostiuk created last year in one of her Master’s courses to show how technology can be used in the Daily 5.

Vote for your favourite station!


Which Daily 5 station is your favourite and why?

Have you read any books on Epic yet? If so, which ones do you like?

Anyone Can Be An Artist

Have you read The Dot by Peter Reynolds?

We read the book today and were so excited to be able to enjoy some dot activities – dodgeball, dice games, dot-to-dots, dot art, molecules in science – all sorts of fun things!

Check out this video of all the fun things we did!

What was your favourite Dot Day activity?

Why should we celebrate Dot Day?

Mary Poppins

Our class has been loving the novel:

We have not quite finished the book yet, but when we do, we will be sure to watch the movie! This weekend a play of Mary Poppins is being performed by a high school in a neighbouring city.

Do you think the movie will be different or the same as the book?

What do you think about Mary Poppins being able to talk to the twins and animals even though everyone thinks they can’t talk? Why can’t Jane and Michael (or any grown-ups) talk to animals anymore like Mary Poppins thinks they used to?

Epic! Books for Kids

We are testing out a new app in our class – Epic! Books for Kids. It is free to try out at school and kids can access it on their computers and devices at home, too. Click here for more information.




Students can check out and read thousands of books on this app, rate and recommend books to their friends. Each student gets a personalized library to browse. Books can also be read to the student using this app.

Which books have you read on Epic? 

How do you think we can use this app in our class?

If you haven’t tried Epic yet, which books do you like to read in our classroom or library?