Swim Time

It is swimming lesson time! Every Monday for the next six weeks we will be going to our local pool for swimming lessons.

Have you ever taken swimming lessons before?

Do you like to swim in a pool or the lake better?


Golf 101

In April we have had the exciting opportunity to take golf lessons once a week at our school during our gym time. We can’t wait to take our learning outside soon when the snow melts!

Have you ever tried golf before?

What is your favourite activity so far that we have done with golf? What are you looking forward to?

Heart Facts

Today we had an assembly to talk about Jump Rope and to promote healthy living. Check out this cute video that Mrs. Taggart and Mrs. Kennedy showed us!

Did you learn any new heart facts? If so, what did you learn?

What do you want to learn to do in skipping?

Skating Party

We got a special treat at the end of last week to wrap up our time with skating – a skating party in our neighbourhood outdoor rink! A BIG thank you to Mrs. Sharpe, Summer’s family, and all of our amazing parent volunteers for helping us with this fun event!

Have you ever skated on an outdoor rink before?

What do you like to do on the ice?

Thursday Skates

We are going skating every Thursday this month! During this time we have had some excellent hockey and figure skate teachers from our class and Mrs. Sharpe’s help to lead stations so that we can learn some skating skills such as stopping, skating backwards, crossovers, balancing, jumping, and how to fall safely and get up.




Here are the links to videos we watched on stopping.

How to Hockey Stop for Beginners

Learn how to do a Snow Plough Stop

How to do a T-Stop

What is your favourite station at skating so far and why?

What are the differences between hockey skates and figure skates?

How Raven’s Feathers Turned Black

We got to enjoy the beautiful outdoors by taking our nature journals out to the outdoor classroom. Here we like to sketch, colour, or write about the nature we see around us.

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After, Mrs. Sharpe told us an interesting Aboriginal legend about how Raven’s feathers turned black. Next, we got to play a game based on the story.

img_3365 img_3369

Here is another version of how Raven’s feathers turned black:

Which version of how Raven’s feathers turned black do you like best? Have you heard any other versions?

How do you play the game that went along with this legend? How could we change the game to make it last longer?

Go Jays Go!

Lots of us are quite excited about the Toronto Blue Jays (Canada’s ONLY Major League Baseball Team) and how well they have been doing in the post-season so far.

One of our classmates, Payton, got to go and see the Blue Jays play in Seattle earlier this year!


Do you watch or play Baseball?

Do you have a favourite sports team? If so, who is it and what sport?