National Aboriginal Day

Today we celebrated Aboriginal Education. Although the name may be changing, the goal of the day – to celebrate and acknowledge the first people on this land, remains the same. Mrs. Keiver put together a fantastic morning of activities complete with games, stories, art projects, and yummy bannock.
Which station did you enjoy the most?








Music Monday

Today we celebrate music across Canada. Our school invited the high school choir to sing a few songs and then we played our drums for them. It was a beautiful day out in the sunshine!

What is your favourite thing about music?

Do you have a song that you love? If so, what is it and why do you like it?



To celebrate Earth Day this year our school met up with the neighbouring K-3 school where we played our drums, all made out of recycled materials, together. All 360 students played the heartbeat and some other beats as well. It was a very special experience. A big thank you to Mrs. Driscoll and Mrs. Keiver for making this happen!

What is your favourite beat to play on your drum?

How can you do something to take care of the Earth?

Little Drummer Boys and Girls

This week we started to make our drums for our upcoming Earth Day celebration. We are making the drums and mallets all from recycled materials! They sound great. We hope you can join us for our drumming circle on Friday, April 21! Stay tuned to see how they turn out!




How are we making our drums? What symbols are you using on your drum and why?

Have you ever made a musical instrument out of recycled materials before? If you have, what was it?

Mary Poppins: The Movie

After finishing the book, Mary Poppins, last week we got to watch the movie today! We created a Venn Diagram to add similarities and differences we noticed during the movie. We also decided to have a pajama party with stuffies to enjoy the movie. Thanks to Guy and Maylyn for some tasty treats to go along with our “spoonful of sugar” – it was a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!


A Very Special Music Guest

We sure had a special visit last week from….Ms. Picton! Some of us had her as a kindergarten teacher and we have all enjoyed her music over the years at our school. This year Ms. Picton has gone to teach in Lethbridge. We sure miss her but it was so great to have a visit and enjoy some of our favourite songs with Mrs. Neeve’s class.


Which song is your favourite that we sing with Ms. Picton?

Boomwhackers introduction

Today we were introduced to Boomwhackers! We learned that the different colours and different lengths of boomwhackers made different sounds. We got to play along to a rhythm pattern today and Mrs. Kostiuk was very impressed! This will be a great way to get us ready to play recorders in the spring.


We had our second Recognition Assembly today. Ethan (making a funny face) was the MC from our class.

Ethan MC

Check out this great song that the grade 2’s performed today about solar energy. It will be an awesome song for us to learn for our school’s Green Games project. Click Solar Power Rag for the words.

How do you think Boomwhackers will help us learn to play recorders?

Are you excited about our solar projects? What do you think will happen with our solar ovens next week?

Lonely Christmas Eve

Our school concert will be based on “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” by Dr. Seuss this year!

Our class song is “Lonely Christmas Eve” (the second song in the playlist). Here are the words and a video of the music for our song and our school songs.

I’m not so bad,
I just hate to see a good time had
By everyone but me
On this lonely Christmas Eve —
I hear them up and down
And up and down the street

They’re making noise, noise, noise, noise—
How I hate their happy noise
There’s only one thing I hate more come to think of it
And that’s the people who keep making it

Don’t they know I’m up here all alone
In my cave up in the hills?
How I wish that this would go away
This dreadful holiday that they call Christmas day

When they’re done with all their Christmas noise
And they’ve had their Christmas feast
Just when I think I might finally
Get a moments peace they start to SING!

Here are the lyrics for our whole school songs of “Green Christmas” and “Welcome Christmas“.

The Atoms Family

In Grade 3 Science we will be learning that all matter is made up of particles. This unit is all about Atoms and Molecules!

atoms and molecules

Today we watched “The Magic School Bus Meets Molly Cule” and learned a fun song:

The Atoms Family

They’re tiny and they’re teeny,
Much smaller than a beany,
They never can be seeny
The Atoms Family.

They are so small.
(Snap, snap) They’re round like a ball.
(Snap, snap) They make up the air.
They’re everywhere. Can’t see them at all! (Snap, snap)

Together they make gases,
And liquids like molasses,
And all the tiny masses,
The Atoms Family. (Repeat chorus)

The neutrons can be found
Where protons hang around
Electrons – they surround
The Atoms Family! (Repeat chorus)

Thank you to Science Wear for this awesome song!

What do you know about atoms and molecules?