Making Groups

We have started learning about multiplication – yay! Here are some of the ways we have learned to show multiplication:

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We are also loving these fun videos from a teacher named Mr. DeMaio to teach us some ways to memorize our times tables through song:

How are you feeling about multiplication?

Write me a multiplication problem and solve it 🙂

Scratch Fair

To celebrate 10 years of the coding program, Scratch, and to show off our coding skills to the rest of the school and our parents, we had a Scratch Fair today along with the other grade 3’s and the grade 1’s!

It was great to see everyone sharing their projects, learning new things, and helping others. Way to go, grade 3’s!

What did you do at the Scratch Fair?

What could we add to the Scratch Fair to make it better next time?

How-to Scratch Videos

We have enjoyed learning how to create our own games in Scratch this winter! Check out the following How-to videos below to learn more:

  1. Create a Ping Pong Game with Jordan
  2. Make Your Paddle Move Side-to-Side with Payton
  3. Pair Programming with Azalea & Kyndrid

What kind of game did you create in Scratch?

Did you work by yourself or work with a partner? Which do you prefer?

Math Problems

We have been doing some math problems involving students in our class! Today’s question was:

Kian and Nevaeh are trying to find out who is taller. Kian is ___ cm tall and Nevaeh is ___ cm tall. Who is taller and by how much? If you stacked them one on top of the other, how tall would they be? Would they be taller than Mr. Chris? Show how you know.

We had a lot of fun measuring these two, and then figuring out how we could measure Mr. Chris!

How did we end up measuring Mr. Chris? 

Have you been in a math problem yet? If so, what was it about?

Our Kindness Boomerang

Inspired by Pink Shirt Day, Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) week, the Kindness Boomerang video by Life Vest Inside, and our study of the “One Smile” story, our class set out last week to create our own kindness boomerang. All acts of kindness were thought of by our class and were filmed in one shot! We hope you enjoy 🙂

What is the story of Pink Shirt Day?

How has the kindness boomerang inspired you?

Bottle Flipping 101

Have you tried bottle flipping? Today we tried some experiments with bottle flipping to see if the amount of water in the bottle matters.

First, we decided the amounts of water we wanted to test.

Next, we measured the water using millilitres.

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Then we recorded our findings!

Which amount of water flipped the best?

What other experiments could you try with bottle flipping?

Coding a Ping Pong Game

Students have been working hard to learn how to code their own ping pong game by pair programming. One student is the driver (i.e. the coder) and one student is the navigator (i.e. makes suggestions). Students will change roles throughout their coding time and work together.

We have also been having success with students taking on leadership roles and helping other groups in the class. Check out some of our games below:


What is the trickiest thing you found when coding your game?

What else could we add to our ping pong games?

What kind of game would you like to code next?

We Can Count By 5’s

Happy 2017!

We were back to school this week and started learning about something new in math – time! We talked about the differences between digital and analog clocks and discovered how handy it is counting by 5’s.

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Check out this fun song about the 5 times tables. We will be learning more about multiplication soon!

What do you want to learn about time?

Do you know any times tables?