Epic! Books for Kids

We are testing out a new app in our class – Epic! Books for Kids. It is free to try out at school and kids can access it on their computers and devices at home, too. Click here for more information.




Students can check out and read thousands of books on this app, rate and recommend books to their friends. Each student gets a personalized library to browse. Books can also be read to the student using this app.

Which books have you read on Epic? 

How do you think we can use this app in our class?

If you haven’t tried Epic yet, which books do you like to read in our classroom or library?

Take Me Outside Day 2014

As you can see from the amazing descriptive words above we had a blast being outside today for 3 straight hours going to different activities with our buddy groups! Here are a couple of videos of Mrs. Kostiuk’s buddy group:

Students in each group also took photos throughout the day with our LearnPads. We can’t wait to show what was captured from their eyes – hopefully at the next assembly!

To learn more about Take Me Outside Day click here.

My Pedagogy

Pedagogy is the science and art of education. Here is a collection of some of my personal highlights over the past two years at our school. I am so pleased to be back at our school again in the fall :)!


Frog Belly Rat Bone one, two, three, You Must Be Patient And Then You Will See

This month we have been doing many activities with this book:

61JePIi6aVL._SL500_AA300_It fits in perfectly with our newest ventures in Science – growing plants in the greenhouse and composting!

As we learned in this book, if you are patient, then you will slowly see the treasure reveal itself. What is the treasure?

Here are some pictures of us documenting our treasures as they reveal themselves to us:

IMG_3584 IMG_3588 IMG_3589 IMG_3590 IMG_3591

What are you growing in the greenhouse?

Researching Canada

We have started our first big “project” with our LearnPads. We are researching Canadian provinces and territories through scanning QR codes on our big map of Canada.

Canada Map

Students choose a province and territory they would like to research and scan the code on the map to access the information they need. We are recording the information on a flipbook.

Mr. Main, who is the Principal of Technology in our school district and who is responsible for getting us our LearnPads, came to visit the other day to see what we have been up to with them. Check out this tweet:

Earth Walk 2014

This Friday our school and the other K-3 school in our area set out to meet at a park. Over the past few weeks we have been busy sanding, oiling, and decorating our own walking sticks – they are beautiful! We had a great walk to the park and filmed along the way with our LearnPads.

We also sang a song for Mr. A. that fits in with Earth Day. We sang and did sign language to “Colours of the Wind” while Ms. Trish played on the piano. I hope to upload a video of it soon!


What is a LearnPad?
A LearnPad is basically a tablet designed specifically for education.


A LearnPad is similar to an iPad, except that the LearnPad is more easily manageable by the teacher to control the educational content and applications that run on each device. For more information, check out this article: LearnPad vs. iPad

Mrs. Kostiuk is at a Webinar today to learn more about LearnPads and after Spring Break we will be using them in our classroom! We are going to be a Pilot classroom in our district to experiment with all of the amazing things you can do with this tablet at school.

What are you excited to use the LearnPad for?

How do you think we can use the LearnPads in our classroom and school?