Swim Time

It is swimming lesson time! Every Monday for the next six weeks we will be going to our local pool for swimming lessons.

Have you ever taken swimming lessons before?

Do you like to swim in a pool or the lake better?


Golf 101

In April we have had the exciting opportunity to take golf lessons once a week at our school during our gym time. We can’t wait to take our learning outside soon when the snow melts!

Have you ever tried golf before?

What is your favourite activity so far that we have done with golf? What are you looking forward to?

Heart Facts

Today we had an assembly to talk about Jump Rope and to promote healthy living. Check out this cute video that Mrs. Taggart and Mrs. Kennedy showed us!

Did you learn any new heart facts? If so, what did you learn?

What do you want to learn to do in skipping?

A Recipe to Stay Cool

We have been learning all about ways we can stay cool in situations during our No Putdowns program. Miss Granger came up with this fun way to have us create our own special “recipe” of ways that work for each of us to stay cool. Check them out in the gallery below!

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How do you stay cool?

Why should we learn about these things?

Serving Salads

This month our class is working in small groups to prepare different salads for the class to try. This week students created a House Salad with ranch dressing. We set it up buffet style so that students could add their favourite veggies. Thanks to Mrs. Sharpe for this delicious idea!

What did you put in your salad?

What is your favourite kind of salad?





Coping with Change

This week Mrs. Stephenson came to our class to talk about change. We are nearing the end of grade 3 and that means students will be transitioning to a new school next year for grade 4. As we discussed, there are a lot of feelings that come with change. We played a game using four emotions: happy, sad, worry, angry. Mrs. Stephenson read out situations and asked students to move to the emotion they would feel. We will be seeing Mrs. Stephenson again over the next few weeks to do some more fun activities to do with change.


Name some feelings or emotions.

What are coping strategies?