Frolicking Friday Balloon Adventures

We decided to try out some experiments in the snow last week on Frolicking Friday. We really were not sure what would happen!

We also tried out snowshoeing. Can’t wait for next time!

What happened with your balloon experiments out in the snow?

Have you ever gone snowshoeing before?

What else could we do outside with the snow on Frolicking Friday?

Mannequin Challenge

When Mrs. Kostiuk and Mrs. MacLeod attended the Google Summit last weekend in Victoria we were excited to participate in the Mannequin Challenge. You can spot Mrs. MacLeod’s blond hair near the front row close to the stage at the beginning of the video.

This week the grade 3’s decided to try out the Mannequin Challenge during Frolicking Friday!

We enjoyed taking some time to enjoy the fresh snow over at our neighbourhood park!

What is your favourite thing to do in the snow?

Tell me about something you are excited to do this winter!

How Raven’s Feathers Turned Black

We got to enjoy the beautiful outdoors by taking our nature journals out to the outdoor classroom. Here we like to sketch, colour, or write about the nature we see around us.

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After, Mrs. Sharpe told us an interesting Aboriginal legend about how Raven’s feathers turned black. Next, we got to play a game based on the story.

img_3365 img_3369

Here is another version of how Raven’s feathers turned black:

Which version of how Raven’s feathers turned black do you like best? Have you heard any other versions?

How do you play the game that went along with this legend? How could we change the game to make it last longer?

Our Special Spots

Almost every Friday this year we have been going out on Frolicking Friday to enjoy the outdoors and further develop our love and fascination with nature. Before spring break many of us picked a special spot down in the gully by our school. This week students went back to this spot with their nature journal.

IMG_3036 IMG_3035 IMG_3030 IMG_3028 IMG_3027

We also found a meeting spot for the grade 3’s every time we go down into the gully.


Although spring weather is here now, there is still snow down in the gully. There was lots of ice on the pathway, so we gathered dried pine needles to spread on the ice so that it was easier to walk on the trail. Great work, Grade 3’s!

IMG_3040 IMG_3045

Describe your special spot. What do you like about it?

Wit, Whimsy, and Weirdness

Our class took a trip to The Wonder Fair at our local art centre this week. We were able to walk down during our Frolicking Friday time and spend some time admiring the beautiful art pieces created by local artists. We even did a fun collaborative project where we got to design robots!

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What was your favourite piece at the art show?

Snow Crystal Hunt

We have loved being able to enjoy our Frolicking Fridays with snow lately! Here is our first trip down our trails near the school. We have been talking about snow crystals and decided to go out on a hunt for them with our magnifying glasses!

??????????????????????????????? DSC03567 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? DSC03573 ???????????????????????????????

Exhausted at the end!

Exhausted at the end!

Check out this cool diagram from that shows different types of snow crystals and the temperature they tend to form at.

snowflake diagram

What is the ‘magic number’ for snowflakes?

Which shapes of snow crystals have you seen?