Carnaval 2017

It was a great day to celebrate our annual Carnaval de Québec with the high school French students. A big thank you to the French students, who ran our stations, and Mrs. Taggart for organizing a fun event! Here are some of the highlights:

Which Carnaval station was your favourite and why? 

How do you say ‘thank you’ in French?

Carnaval 2016

Yesterday we celebrated our annual Carnaval with French students from the high school as well as K-3 students from the other school in town. We had a great time outside! Here are some highlights:


Exploration at the Park


Giant Table-Soccer (think Foosball)


Fun with Bonhomme, our awesome mascot!


Making sculptures at the Ice Palace


Enjoying Bonhomme’s Winterland


Some of us even created Bonhomme effigy’s for our stuffies!

What was your favourite station at Carnaval?

What French words did you learn?

Carnaval 2015

It was a beautiful day today as we enjoyed the outdoors and learned about the cultural event of Carnaval de Québec that occurs every February. Due to our warm winter conditions, we modified some of our stations but still had a great time. Our high school’s grade nine French class came over to help us with stations and teach us some words in French!


We love our mascot, Bonhomme! Here is a fun song about him in French:

A big Thank-You to everyone who helped make this day a big success!

Which station was your favourite and why?

What words did you learn in French?

My Pedagogy

Pedagogy is the science and art of education. Here is a collection of some of my personal highlights over the past two years at our school. I am so pleased to be back at our school again in the fall :)!



Today we had some special visitors arrive to teach the grade 2’s and 3’s some fun games in French!

P1040482 P1040483 P1040485 P1040487 P1040488 P1040494

Did you learn any French words?

Here is a wordle of some of the words we learned:
Wordle: French words
What was your favourite French game?

Carnaval de Jeux Olympiques 2014

Today was our Carnaval de Jeux Olympiques! Each buddy group was given a country to represent and got to travel around to stations that connect with both the Olympics and Carnaval de Québec. Mr. Keiver and his French 10/11/12 class came down to our school to help us learn how to say our country’s name in French and some other popular French sayings. They even brought Bonhomme this year! A big thank you to all of our volunteers :)!

Bobsleigh Luge Skeleton Biathlon Ice Sculptures Curling Hockey Closing Ceremonies Medal Ceremony IMG_3449

***More pictures to come soon hopefully!***

What was your favourite station and why?

Did you learn any French words? If so, what were they?

Which country did you represent?

Jeux français

Today a French class from the high school came to join us for gym. They taught us 7 different games in French!



Bon ami

Bon ami

Ne me regardez pas

Ne me regardez pas



Chassez la balle

Chassez la balle

Ziguezaguez la balle

Ziguezaguez la balle

Canard, canard, oie!

Canard, canard, oie!


What words did you learn in French? Was it hard to understand? How did it feel to have to use hand gestures to communicate?

Which game was your favourite and why?


Our Winter “Carnaval”

On Wednesday, our school hosted our own winter Carnaval. We invited the other K-3 school and had the French 10 class come over from our high school to help us run the stations and share some of our French Canadian language and culture with us. We had 8 events at our Carnaval:

Cabane à sucre (Sugar Shack)

Bain de neige (Snow Bath)

Jeu de soccer géant (Giant Table-Soccer)

Queues de castor (Beaver Tails)

Sculpture sur neige (Snow & Ice Sculptures)

Bonhomme Carnaval (Pictures with Bonhomme)

Glissades (Snow Slides)

Hockey bottine (Floor Hockey)

The sun shone brightly and it was a fun day! Thank you to everyone – teachers, parents, and students for the support to make this a successful and fun day!

What did you learn at our winter Carnaval?

What was your favourite station and why?