Chemistry 11


Today we got to take a trip up to the high school to join a Chemistry 11 class to share our learning with one another! Our enthusiasm for learning about atoms inspired Mrs. Sharpe to organize a trip for her class and our’s to the high school – thank you, Mrs. Sharpe!

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Here are some more fun links to check out on this topic:

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Interactive Periodic Table of Elements

What was the best part of the Chemistry 11 class?

Tell me one thing you learned on this trip.

Tell me one thing that you shared with a high school student.

Our first Field Trip

It was our first Field Trip of the school year on Monday with all of the grade 3’s and we had a great time! We visited Mrs. Kostiuk’s hometown and enjoyed a visit to a Dairy Farm and Fruit Stand. Highlights of the trip included seeing a baby calf an hour after it had been born and picking raspberries! What a beautiful day 🙂

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What was your favourite part of our trip?

What did you learn at the Dairy Farm?

What did you learn at the Fruit Stand?