Carnaval 2017

It was a great day to celebrate our annual Carnaval de Québec with the high school French students. A big thank you to the French students, who ran our stations, and Mrs. Taggart for organizing a fun event! Here are some of the highlights:

Which Carnaval station was your favourite and why? 

How do you say ‘thank you’ in French?

Carnaval 2016

Yesterday we celebrated our annual Carnaval with French students from the high school as well as K-3 students from the other school in town. We had a great time outside! Here are some highlights:


Exploration at the Park


Giant Table-Soccer (think Foosball)


Fun with Bonhomme, our awesome mascot!


Making sculptures at the Ice Palace


Enjoying Bonhomme’s Winterland


Some of us even created Bonhomme effigy’s for our stuffies!

What was your favourite station at Carnaval?

What French words did you learn?

Carnaval 2015

It was a beautiful day today as we enjoyed the outdoors and learned about the cultural event of Carnaval de Québec that occurs every February. Due to our warm winter conditions, we modified some of our stations but still had a great time. Our high school’s grade nine French class came over to help us with stations and teach us some words in French!


We love our mascot, Bonhomme! Here is a fun song about him in French:

A big Thank-You to everyone who helped make this day a big success!

Which station was your favourite and why?

What words did you learn in French?