The Legend of the Talking Stick

As has become tradition in our class at the beginning of the year, today Mrs. Keiver joined us to create a talking stick for our class. She shared this Aboriginal story with us about the talking stick:



Next, we each got to choose an item to add to our diamond willow stick.




This talking stick is special to our class and will be useful during class discussions and meetings. I can’t wait to try it out!

What did you add to our talking stick?

Grade 3 Mural

Here is a picture of our last day with the beautiful class mural designed and painted by our class with the direction of Mary, Tristen’s mom! A big thank you to Mary for giving us this wonderful opportunity. I cannot wait to see these up on the side of the school :).


Enjoy your summer, soon-to-be grade 4’s!

Love Mrs. Kostiuk

Geodome Visit

Mr. Loftsgard and his grade 6/7 class stopped by our school today with their amazing geodome projects! This fits in perfectly with our learning of geometry!









How did these students make their geodome projects?

If you could do this project, what shape would you create?

Kindness Graffiti

To celebrate Pink Shirt Day students in our school met in the gym to create kindness graffiti! I can’t wait to see the final product :). We watched a few videos about kindness and then, as Kid President loves to say, “let’s dance!”




Here is a little project we worked on in our class to celebrate:

As a bonus, the girls in our class decided to create a puppet show to tell us all about how Pink Shirt Day began:

What is the story of Pink Shirt Day?

Why is it important to celebrate Pink Shirt Day?


Wit, Whimsy, and Weirdness

Our class took a trip to The Wonder Fair at our local art centre this week. We were able to walk down during our Frolicking Friday time and spend some time admiring the beautiful art pieces created by local artists. We even did a fun collaborative project where we got to design robots!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What was your favourite piece at the art show?

Arctic Way of Life

We have been learning all about the arctic this month in Social Studies. Ms. Sorenson brought in some interesting things for us to check out from her family, including a polar bear claw and a whale’s tooth! Mrs. Keiver has been sharing stories about the Inuit people and also about polar bears.






What was your favourite thing that Mrs. Sorenson brought in?

Which part of “Growing Up Arctic” have you liked the best? Penguin or Polar Bear? Or would you like to see the Walrus or Seal?