Carnaval de Jeux Olympiques 2014

Today was our Carnaval de Jeux Olympiques! Each buddy group was given a country to represent and got to travel around to stations that connect with both the Olympics and Carnaval de Québec. Mr. Keiver and his French 10/11/12 class came down to our school to help us learn how to say our country’s name in French and some other popular French sayings. They even brought Bonhomme this year! A big thank you to all of our volunteers :)!

Bobsleigh Luge Skeleton Biathlon Ice Sculptures Curling Hockey Closing Ceremonies Medal Ceremony IMG_3449

***More pictures to come soon hopefully!***

What was your favourite station and why?

Did you learn any French words? If so, what were they?

Which country did you represent?

Go Canada Go!

IMG_1737Are you watching the Olympics? We were so excited to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on Friday! You can watch live footage here.

Tomorrow morning you can watch Mikael Kingsbury, Marc-Antoine Gagnon and Phil Marquis compete in the Men’s Freestyle Skiing! These were 3 of the Olympic athletes that we skyped with the other week! Tune in at 7am tomorrow morning for the Qualification Rounds and 11am for the Finals!


If you could be an Olympian at any sport, which sport would you choose and why?

What do you think it takes to be an Olympic athlete? 


Olympic Countdown

We have been preparing to watch the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia by giving Show & Tell presentations about the winter sports and the Canadian athletes competing in them. Today we had the privilege of being able to Skype with 4 Canadian athletes on our 2014 Olympic ski team – Mikaël KingsburyMarc-Antoine Gagnon, Audrey Robichaud, and Phil Marquis!!! We got to ask them questions along with Mrs. Taggart’s and Mrs. Sharpe’s classes. A BIG Thank You to Mrs. Taggart for making this possible :)!

IMG_3330 IMG_3334 IMG_3338Here is a #WeAreWinter video of Mikaël Kingsbury

And here is an excited tweet from Phil Marquis, who just recently made the Olympic team!

What did you learn from talking to the athletes?

If you got to ask them a question, what was it?