Dedicated to Mrs. D.

Our Science Fair this year was dedicated to Mrs. Driscoll, who has been the heart and soul behind our Science Fairs for many years at our school.

Mrs. Driscoll has been at our school the entire time that you have been here. She looks after all of us and our school in so many ways. Tell me about something you love about Mrs. D. or something you would like to thank her for doing for you and our school.

8 thoughts on “Dedicated to Mrs. D.

  1. Dear Mrs.D thank you for helping me all the years that i have been at Lindsay Park! you are such a kind person and a loving person. Our school will sure miss you! We all Love you! Love Lark.

  2. Dear Mrs. Driscoll.
    you have been there for me since kindergarten .
    and now i am in grade 3 . I hope you have a good time.
    from Lola.

  3. Dear Mrs. Driscoll I really loved having as a helper and you are a very nice person you have alot of abilities that we dont have you also have very awesome cooking skills Iam not liying you are a very very inportant person to me and everyone in the school.from freja

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