Making Groups

We have started learning about multiplication – yay! Here are some of the ways we have learned to show multiplication:

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We are also loving these fun videos from a teacher named Mr. DeMaio to teach us some ways to memorize our times tables through song:

How are you feeling about multiplication?

Write me a multiplication problem and solve it 🙂

Scratch Fair

To celebrate 10 years of the coding program, Scratch, and to show off our coding skills to the rest of the school and our parents, we had a Scratch Fair today along with the other grade 3’s and the grade 1’s!

It was great to see everyone sharing their projects, learning new things, and helping others. Way to go, grade 3’s!

What did you do at the Scratch Fair?

What could we add to the Scratch Fair to make it better next time?

Children’s Choice Book Awards

Our class participated in the Children’s Choice Book Awards last week by checking out the finalists on Epic and then setting up our own voting booth complete with ballots and a ballot box.

After the count, we had a clear winner in our class:

What did you learn about voting? What are the rules?

Why is it important to do a secret ballot or blind vote like we often do in gym?

The Curious Garden

We have been enjoying “The Curious Garden” by Peter Brown.

Here are some pictures of Mrs. Burgess’ trip to see the real garden in New York City that inspired this story:

This story fits into our preparation for the science fair. This week we have been getting all of our projects planted in the greenhouse. We are lucky to have a greenhouse so that we can plant even when it is not quite warm enough to plant outside. In “The Curious Garden,” Liam uses the colder months to prepare for spring as a gardener.

Write a to-do list that you think Liam would use to prepare for Spring.

Take Me Outside Day – Spring Edition

We enjoyed a fantastic Take Me Outside event last week in our buddy groups with our neighbouring schools. A big thank you to Mrs. Burgess, Mr. Clark, and Ms. Meens for organizing this event!

Which animal group were you in?

Swim Time

It is swimming lesson time! Every Monday for the next six weeks we will be going to our local pool for swimming lessons.

Have you ever taken swimming lessons before?

Do you like to swim in a pool or the lake better?


Music Monday

Today we celebrate music across Canada. Our school invited the high school choir to sing a few songs and then we played our drums for them. It was a beautiful day out in the sunshine!

What is your favourite thing about music?

Do you have a song that you love? If so, what is it and why do you like it?