Cherry-Tree Lane

I think we can now say that spring is here! What better way to celebrate spring than with cherry blossoms? We all painted cherry blossoms and then attached actual cherry tree branches (pruned from Mrs. Kostiuk’s parents’ cherry orchard).
20170423-155033.jpgThis project was also very fitting because we are reading Mary Poppins, which takes place on Cherry-Tree Lane!

What has been your favourite part in Mary Poppins so far? Uncle Albert? The Dancing Cow? Jumping into paintings? Or something different?

What is your favourite part about spring?


To celebrate Earth Day this year our school met up with the neighbouring K-3 school where we played our drums, all made out of recycled materials, together. All 360 students played the heartbeat and some other beats as well. It was a very special experience. A big thank you to Mrs. Driscoll and Mrs. Keiver for making this happen!

What is your favourite beat to play on your drum?

How can you do something to take care of the Earth?

What do plants need to grow?

Check out our thoughts and ideas about what plants need to grow. We can’t wait to plant soon and get our projects growing in the greenhouse!

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The Photosynthesis cycle shows the things plants need to grow. Let’s try making the cycle in Scratch to show what you know!

Also, if you want to test out this simulation lab, it will show you an experiment using different colours of light and how it affects different plant’s growth.

What do plants need to grow?

How are you going to use what you already know about plants to make an experiment for the science fair?

Golf 101

In April we have had the exciting opportunity to take golf lessons once a week at our school during our gym time. We can’t wait to take our learning outside soon when the snow melts!

Have you ever tried golf before?

What is your favourite activity so far that we have done with golf? What are you looking forward to?

Plants Brainstorm

We are getting ready to choose the plants we each would like to grow in our greenhouse! Before we make our choices, we decided to have a brainstorm session on plants that grow in our area. It was helpful to think about the plants that grow in our gardens and what we can buy at our farmer’s market. Next, we organized those plants into categories. After that, we surveyed some of the classes in our school to compare different ways we use plants. This information will help us create wonders and experiments for our plant investigations.

Which plant are you thinking about growing in our greenhouse?

What question do you have about your plant or other plants?

Little Drummer Boys and Girls

This week we started to make our drums for our upcoming Earth Day celebration. We are making the drums and mallets all from recycled materials! They sound great. We hope you can join us for our drumming circle on Friday, April 21! Stay tuned to see how they turn out!




How are we making our drums? What symbols are you using on your drum and why?

Have you ever made a musical instrument out of recycled materials before? If you have, what was it?