How-to Scratch Videos

We have enjoyed learning how to create our own games in Scratch this winter! Check out the following How-to videos below to learn more:

  1. Create a Ping Pong Game with Jordan
  2. Make Your Paddle Move Side-to-Side with Payton
  3. Pair Programming with Azalea & Kyndrid

What kind of game did you create in Scratch?

Did you work by yourself or work with a partner? Which do you prefer?

Robert Munsch Mania

We have been loving listening to Robert Munsch read his stories at our Listen to Reading station during the Daily 5 stations. This has been helping us learn to read with expression. Check out the tab above to see some of his awesome read-alouds. Today we each got to choose our own Robert Munsch book to take home. Happy Spring Break reading!


Which Robert Munsch book did you choose? 

Which Robert Munsch story is your favourite that we have listened to?


We have been learning how to create capital letters and small letters in handwriting!

Now, we are trying to connect these words to write our names and other words!

What is your favourite letter in handwriting?

Which letter do you find the easiest to do in handwriting? Which letter is the hardest and why?

Heart Facts

Today we had an assembly to talk about Jump Rope and to promote healthy living. Check out this cute video that Mrs. Taggart and Mrs. Kennedy showed us!

Did you learn any new heart facts? If so, what did you learn?

What do you want to learn to do in skipping?

Math Problems

We have been doing some math problems involving students in our class! Today’s question was:

Kian and Nevaeh are trying to find out who is taller. Kian is ___ cm tall and Nevaeh is ___ cm tall. Who is taller and by how much? If you stacked them one on top of the other, how tall would they be? Would they be taller than Mr. Chris? Show how you know.

We had a lot of fun measuring these two, and then figuring out how we could measure Mr. Chris!

How did we end up measuring Mr. Chris? 

Have you been in a math problem yet? If so, what was it about?