Our Kindness Boomerang

Inspired by Pink Shirt Day, Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) week, the Kindness Boomerang video by Life Vest Inside, and our study of the “One Smile” story, our class set out last week to create our own kindness boomerang. All acts of kindness were thought of by our class and were filmed in one shot! We hope you enjoy 🙂

What is the story of Pink Shirt Day?

How has the kindness boomerang inspired you?

One Smile

We have been enjoying the story of “One Smile” and how it relates to the kindness boomerang video.

Mrs. Carriere came to help us learn about this story. Here are some of the connections we made:

This fits in perfectly with our celebration of RAK Week (Random Acts of Kindness) and is a good lead up to Pink Shirt day next Wednesday, February 22. Stay tuned to see how these kindness boomerangs have inspired us to do something of our own 😉

What is a kindness boomerang?

What acts of kindness do you like to do for others?

Carnaval 2017

It was a great day to celebrate our annual Carnaval de Québec with the high school French students. A big thank you to the French students, who ran our stations, and Mrs. Taggart for organizing a fun event! Here are some of the highlights:

Which Carnaval station was your favourite and why? 

How do you say ‘thank you’ in French?

Bottle Flipping 101

Have you tried bottle flipping? Today we tried some experiments with bottle flipping to see if the amount of water in the bottle matters.

First, we decided the amounts of water we wanted to test.

Next, we measured the water using millilitres.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then we recorded our findings!

Which amount of water flipped the best?

What other experiments could you try with bottle flipping?

Skating Party

We got a special treat at the end of last week to wrap up our time with skating – a skating party in our neighbourhood outdoor rink! A BIG thank you to Mrs. Sharpe, Summer’s family, and all of our amazing parent volunteers for helping us with this fun event!

Have you ever skated on an outdoor rink before?

What do you like to do on the ice?