Grow Plants Grow!

Our science fair is coming up this Thursday, June 2 from 9am-1pm!


Students have been busy watering their plants, making observations, preparing their science boards, and baking up a storm in the kitchen. We can’t wait for Thursday!

What are you making for the science fair?

What has been your favourite part of your science fair project so far?

A Very Special Music Guest

We sure had a special visit last week from….Ms. Picton! Some of us had her as a kindergarten teacher and we have all enjoyed her music over the years at our school. This year Ms. Picton has gone to teach in Lethbridge. We sure miss her but it was so great to have a visit and enjoy some of our favourite songs with Mrs. Neeve’s class.


Which song is your favourite that we sing with Ms. Picton?

SunMine Tour

If you have been following our blog this year you would see all of the learning and exploring we have done on solar energy. This week we had the opportunity to visit our community’s SunMine. It was so cool to see the solar panels in person! A big thanks to Mrs. Sharpe for organizing the trip and to Mr. Sommerville for telling us all about this exciting project!


What did you think about the SunMine?

Tell me something that you learned about the SunMine!

Serving Salads

This month our class is working in small groups to prepare different salads for the class to try. This week students created a House Salad with ranch dressing. We set it up buffet style so that students could add their favourite veggies. Thanks to Mrs. Sharpe for this delicious idea!

What did you put in your salad?

What is your favourite kind of salad?





Coping with Change

This week Mrs. Stephenson came to our class to talk about change. We are nearing the end of grade 3 and that means students will be transitioning to a new school next year for grade 4. As we discussed, there are a lot of feelings that come with change. We played a game using four emotions: happy, sad, worry, angry. Mrs. Stephenson read out situations and asked students to move to the emotion they would feel. We will be seeing Mrs. Stephenson again over the next few weeks to do some more fun activities to do with change.


Name some feelings or emotions.

What are coping strategies?

Mary Poppins

Our class has been loving the novel:

We have not quite finished the book yet, but when we do, we will be sure to watch the movie! This weekend a play of Mary Poppins is being performed by a high school in a neighbouring city.

Do you think the movie will be different or the same as the book?

What do you think about Mary Poppins being able to talk to the twins and animals even though everyone thinks they can’t talk? Why can’t Jane and Michael (or any grown-ups) talk to animals anymore like Mary Poppins thinks they used to?