We are learning how to code!!! We started practicing on Studio Code by using tutorials to code Angry Birds to learn how to make them move in a game. This week we got to go on the program, Scratch.


After taking some tutorials to learn what Scratch can do, we got to code our very own Ping Pong games! Check out Ty’s:

By using Scratch to code his game, Ty chose the background, the objects, the sounds, and how the score works. Great job, Ty! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the class creates 🙂

What do you think about Scratch? 

How is your Ping Pong game coming along?


We have started learning about poetry in our class and this week we have focused on couplet poems. These poems have two lines that rhyme. We wrote one as a class:


and we added a funny line at the end (it didn’t rhyme but sometimes poems don’t always follow the rules!). Some students have been trying to write their own couplet poems this week:


Name something you could write a poem about (food, animal, or favourite place). Think of some words that rhyme with what you chose and tell me in your post!

Epic! Books for Kids

We are testing out a new app in our class – Epic! Books for Kids. It is free to try out at school and kids can access it on their computers and devices at home, too. Click here for more information.




Students can check out and read thousands of books on this app, rate and recommend books to their friends. Each student gets a personalized library to browse. Books can also be read to the student using this app.

Which books have you read on Epic? 

How do you think we can use this app in our class?

If you haven’t tried Epic yet, which books do you like to read in our classroom or library?

Our Special Spots

Almost every Friday this year we have been going out on Frolicking Friday to enjoy the outdoors and further develop our love and fascination with nature. Before spring break many of us picked a special spot down in the gully by our school. This week students went back to this spot with their nature journal.

IMG_3036 IMG_3035 IMG_3030 IMG_3028 IMG_3027

We also found a meeting spot for the grade 3’s every time we go down into the gully.


Although spring weather is here now, there is still snow down in the gully. There was lots of ice on the pathway, so we gathered dried pine needles to spread on the ice so that it was easier to walk on the trail. Great work, Grade 3’s!

IMG_3040 IMG_3045

Describe your special spot. What do you like about it?