Multiplication Time!

We are very excited to be learning all about multiplication! This week we have focused on the 2 and 3 times tables. We have been using the fun site, Mathletics, and have a free 2-week trial with it. This week and next week students can click on the link and log-in. Usernames and passwords were sent home in planners.

Here are a couple of videos to help us learn the 2 and 3 times tables. Thanks to Mrs. Sharpe for finding these fun songs!

What multiplication tricks have you learned so far?
What do you think about Mathletics?

The Cultural Fair

Recently we had the opportunity to travel down to the other K-3 school in our town to check out their Cultural Fair. It was so cool to see these projects and have a little taste from a different culture! This is one of the first of many opportunities we will have in the coming months to bring our grade 3’s together before they all head off to middle school in the fall.
20160304-203536.jpg20160304-203552.jpg20160304-203607.jpg20160304-203620.jpg20160304-203630.jpgDo you know any of the grade 3’s at this school?

Which country did you find the most interesting?

Jump Rope For Heart 2016


Spencer was an MC at the assembly


Elie was also an MC from our class


Mischa got to read out some heart facts


Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Taggart showed us some cool prizes that you can win from fundraising


Two skippers jumping!


Four skippers jumping at the same time – wow!

Each year our school participates in Jump Rope for Heart. At our kickoff assembly the middle school Skipping Club gave us a fun performance! On Wednesday next week we will enjoy some activities in our gym to promote healthy living.

How can you keep your heart healthy?

What is your favourite way to skip?