And we’re off…

This week we set off on an adventure…around the world! We are learning about winter and Christmas traditions in different countries. To start off, we talked about Canada and learned about some Aboriginal traditions in December. Every winter Solstice (the longest night and shortest day), a gratitude stick is made and buried. Mrs. Keiver helped us make our own gratitude sticks by using willow, cedar, turkey feathers, fur, ceremonial tobacco, and sinew.

We started our travels by “visiting” Victoria and hearing about life in Ottawa from Mrs. MacLeod. Next, we had a flight over to France where we checked out the Eiffel Tower. After that, we took a short flight to Sweden to learn from Mr. Chris. To finish off our week we boarded a red-eye flight to South Africa – we should arrive there on Monday :). Here are a few pictures of our travels so far:

IMG_2207 IMG_2215 IMG_2206

IMG_2233 IMG_2236 IMG_2322 IMG_2321


Which place have you enjoyed learning about the most so far?

Are you going to bury your gratitude stick on December 17?

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