Snow Crystal Hunt

We have loved being able to enjoy our Frolicking Fridays with snow lately! Here is our first trip down our trails near the school. We have been talking about snow crystals and decided to go out on a hunt for them with our magnifying glasses!

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Exhausted at the end!

Exhausted at the end!

Check out this cool diagram from that shows different types of snow crystals and the temperature they tend to form at.

snowflake diagram

What is the ‘magic number’ for snowflakes?

Which shapes of snow crystals have you seen?


Lonely Christmas Eve

Our school concert will be based on “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” by Dr. Seuss this year!

Our class song is “Lonely Christmas Eve” (the second song in the playlist). Here are the words and a video of the music for our song and our school songs.

I’m not so bad,
I just hate to see a good time had
By everyone but me
On this lonely Christmas Eve —
I hear them up and down
And up and down the street

They’re making noise, noise, noise, noise—
How I hate their happy noise
There’s only one thing I hate more come to think of it
And that’s the people who keep making it

Don’t they know I’m up here all alone
In my cave up in the hills?
How I wish that this would go away
This dreadful holiday that they call Christmas day

When they’re done with all their Christmas noise
And they’ve had their Christmas feast
Just when I think I might finally
Get a moments peace they start to SING!

Here are the lyrics for our whole school songs of “Green Christmas” and “Welcome Christmas“.

Chemistry 11


Today we got to take a trip up to the high school to join a Chemistry 11 class to share our learning with one another! Our enthusiasm for learning about atoms inspired Mrs. Sharpe to organize a trip for her class and our’s to the high school – thank you, Mrs. Sharpe!

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Here are some more fun links to check out on this topic:

Build an Atom

Interactive Periodic Table of Elements

What was the best part of the Chemistry 11 class?

Tell me one thing you learned on this trip.

Tell me one thing that you shared with a high school student.

If Kids Ran The World

If kids ran the world, we would make it a kinder, better place…

This is how the book,


starts. Our class performed this book as a choral reading at our assembly yesterday with Mrs. Sharpe’s class. Maylyn was one of the MCs for the assembly:


and Sonja played “O Canada” for our school to sing along to on the piano.


Way to go, girls!

I hope everyone was able to take a moment today to remember how lucky we are to live in a peaceful country like Canada.


On Friday, our school will be hosting our annual Ten Thousand Villages sale and our class will be hosting a tea as a pre-sale for seniors in our community.

Why are we lucky to live in Canada?

How does peace and the Ten Thousand Villages sale fit in with Remembrance Day?

Atoms, Elements, and the Periodic Table

We have really been getting into our unit on Atoms and Molecules! Over the past couple of weeks we made atom models, looked at the Periodic Table and found a fun song on YouTube. We have also been watching videos on the Atomic Kids website. You can also find these links (and many others) in the Learning Links tab at the top of our blog page.

atom 2 atom 1

The Periodic Table song can be found here.

Which element did you make your atom model into?

What experiments do you think we could do to learn more about atoms and molecules?

Adventure through the History of Educational Technology

Wow, that’s a long title! Mrs. Kostiuk is going back to school to get her Master’s degree this year and for a group project she got to make a website with her partners! This website was geared towards grade 3 students. Check it out 🙂

Adventure through the History of Educational Technology

Here are some pictures of us trying out the first activity in Task 1. This showed us how the Printing Press changed the amount of books that could be made!

IMG_2052 IMG_2040 IMG_2048

Which was faster – printing or stamping?

What is an example of technology from the site?

Which technology did you find the most interesting and why?