The Halloween Howl

Today we took to our annual Halloween Howl. In the morning we carved pumpkins, and then after Recess classes came into the gym to view our beautiful creations. Check out the video below:

Which pumpkin design did you carve?

What are you doing for Halloween?

Take Me Outside Day 2015

It is our third year participating in Take Me Outside Day at our school. Today, over 200,000 students across Canada spent some of their school day outside – WOW! To enjoy the outdoors and take our learning outside today we enjoyed stations in our buddy groups for 3 hours! Here are some highlights:

Which station was your favourite and why?

Why should we spend time outside?

Volleyball Fun

We have been learning about the game of Volleyball in gym. We have been focusing on the “bump”, the “set”, and the serve. As a wind up activity, we decided to try out our new skills using balloons!

IMG_1890 IMG_1894 IMG_1897

Have you ever watched the game of Volleyball before?

What do you like better – the bump, the set, or the serve?

The Atoms Family

In Grade 3 Science we will be learning that all matter is made up of particles. This unit is all about Atoms and Molecules!

atoms and molecules

Today we watched “The Magic School Bus Meets Molly Cule” and learned a fun song:

The Atoms Family

They’re tiny and they’re teeny,
Much smaller than a beany,
They never can be seeny
The Atoms Family.

They are so small.
(Snap, snap) They’re round like a ball.
(Snap, snap) They make up the air.
They’re everywhere. Can’t see them at all! (Snap, snap)

Together they make gases,
And liquids like molasses,
And all the tiny masses,
The Atoms Family. (Repeat chorus)

The neutrons can be found
Where protons hang around
Electrons – they surround
The Atoms Family! (Repeat chorus)

Thank you to Science Wear for this awesome song!

What do you know about atoms and molecules?

Ktunaxa Study

Our class has been studying the Ktunaxa culture in Social Studies. Mrs. Keiver led an art project with our class to look at animals in our local area using the Ktunaxa language. Each student chose an animal to draw. Next, we crumpled up the paper to resemble deer skin. We have also been visiting the First Voices website to help our understanding of the language. Check it out!








Which animal did you choose?

What have you learned about the Ktunaxa culture?

Mr. Peabody’s Apples

We have been reading the story, “Mr. Peabody’s Apples” by Madonna over the last couple of weeks and talking about the messages in this tale.

Mr Peabodys AppleTo help our understanding, we participated in some drama and art activities.


IMG_1760 IMG_1761 IMG_1762 IMG_1763 IMG_1764

Sewing Pillows

Like the pillow in the story and the damage that can be done when something untrue is said about someone, our pillows represent the power of words.

Pillows 1

Sonja EliePillow

What was the lesson in Mr. Peabody’s Apples?

How did you feel cutting and sewing your pillows?

Masters of Disguise

Our friends, Tom the Turkey and Oscar the Owl (also known by other names to keep their identities secret) needed our help to get into disguise for the weekend!






We also got to make applesauce with Mrs. Keiver and Mrs. Driscoll to have with our dinners this weekend.

How did you make your disguise?

What was the best part about making applesauce?

Musical Patterns

We have been learning about patterns in Math and today we got to create musical patterns. After checking out all of the fun the grade 3’s at our neighbouring school had creating musical patterns, we decided to make some of our own! Thanks for the idea, Mrs. Hammond and Ms. Sharpe! Check out their blogs to see what the other grade 3’s have been learning :).

Below is a playlist of musical patterns created in our class today.

What type of pattern did you create?

Which instruments did you use?