Our first Field Trip

It was our first Field Trip of the school year on Monday with all of the grade 3’s and we had a great time! We visited Mrs. Kostiuk’s hometown and enjoyed a visit to a Dairy Farm and Fruit Stand. Highlights of the trip included seeing a baby calf an hour after it had been born and picking raspberries! What a beautiful day 🙂

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What was your favourite part of our trip?

What did you learn at the Dairy Farm?

What did you learn at the Fruit Stand?

Aboriginal Education

The BC curriculum (what teachers need to teach) has changed in some areas this year. Some of the major changes have been in Social Studies. Now, there will be a major focus on Aboriginal Education in grade 3. Our school is privileged to be able to have Mrs. Keiver come twice a week to support Aboriginal Education.


Storytelling is a large part of Aboriginal culture. One of our classmates, Ty, wanted to share an Aboriginal story with us about Raven. He told us how Raven’s feathers turned black. To hear a version of this story, check out the video below.

How did Raven’s feathers turn black in this legend? 

Is this story different from the story Ty told in class?

Frolicking Fridays

This year we are going to have Frolicking Fridays with Mrs. Sharpe’s class. Our goal is to take our learning outside during this time. This Friday we had a scavenger hunt around our school yard. Our list included:

  • finding things from nature that were round, slimy, pointy, u-shaped
  • colourful pieces of nature
  • different types of trees around the school yard
  • plants growing in our front garden

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What was your favourite part about Frolicking Friday?

What would you like to learn about outside?

Dot Day!

Did you know that today is International Dot Day?


We read the story, “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds, and were inspired to participate in dot day today by wearing dots, creating dots, eating dots, and playing with dots!

IMG_1535 IMG_1536 IMG_1537 IMG_1539


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What is “The Dot” all about?