April is Autism Awareness Month

Our focus in the We CAN Be Friends program this year has been perspective. We got to try many different fun activities such as wearing 3D glasses and looking at the book:

Sonja Maylyn 3D glasses

Did the 3D glasses change your perspective of the book?

Next, we got to make our own glasses to show how we each have our own perspectives that are different from each other.

In another class, we read and talked about filling each other’s buckets.

We also discussed what makes a good friend and why each of us value certain qualities in a friend.

What is important to you in a friend?

April 2 is Light It Up Blue for Autism Awareness and our school will be wearing blue and taking a walk around the neighbourhood. 

Why should we promote Autism Awareness?

Ski Day 2015

It was a beautiful day and our ski day was able to go ahead today as planned – hooray! We have had such a mild winter here that our first day had to be cancelled :(. At every ski day, students can choose to go downhill skiing, snowboarding, or cross country skiing. This year Mrs. Kostiuk got to go with three of our classmates, and other students in our school, to the cross country track. We also got to snowshoe around the track, too!

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What did you do for ski day? Ski, snowboard, cross country, or snowshoe?

Did you learn or try anything new?

Store Commercials

We are learning about money in math and what better way to understand how to use it than to create our own stores! We each came up with a store, created 5-10 items, and then sold them to our classmates using the paper money we had. Check out the commercials we made to promote our stores:

We sure had fun during our Awesome Mall Shop!

IMG_0568 IMG_0569 IMG_0570 IMG_0571 IMG_0572 IMG_0573

What have you learned about money? 

What appears on our coins in Canada?

What did you enjoy about our store experience?

Make Room for Play

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for Children and Youth recommend at least 60 minutes of  physical activity EVERY DAY! The benefits of moving more are amazing! Science has shown that when children increase their daily physical activity, their overall quality of life goes up:

  • better sleep
  • improved work at school
  • increased self-esteem
  • decrease chances of developing many diseases such as heart disease and type-2 diabetes

That means, physically active kids are generally healthier and happier!


Today, ParticipACTION visited our school to show us how easy and fun it is to be active! We got to enjoy some stations with Mrs. Pakenham’s class.


What did you learn about being active?

How can you be active at school?

How can you be active at home?