Life of a Snowman

To wrap up our study on water this week we made snowmen with a buddy.

IMG_0365 IMG_0366 IMG_0367Each snowman had to fit in a tub and could be no taller than a ruler. We used some things we found in the classroom and outside to accessorize our snowmen.

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Next, we brought our snowmen inside. Here are some pictures of them 2 hours later.

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What do you think our snowmen will look like tomorrow? Do you think they will be completely melted or will some snow be left? 

How does this experiment show the water cycle?


We made crystals!

Last week we learned all about snowflakes! We got to examine snow and ice crystals on our Winter Wonder trip and then we created our own borax crystals back in the classroom.

Crystals 1

Each snowflake turned out completely different! We have them hanging in our windows right now to catch the beautiful sunlight shining through!

Crystals 3 Crystals 2

What did you learn about snowflakes? How many sides do they have? Are all snowflakes the same?

Winter Wonder 2015

Today our class got to participate in the Winter Wonder program put on by Wildsight. We started off in our classroom learning about the different types of trees – coniferous and deciduous – and discussing the different parts of a tree and what they do.

IMG_0264 IMG_0263Next, we put on our snow gear and headed outside! We spent some time in our Outdoor Classroom and then headed down to the forested area below our school. It was a beautiful day and  we had a fun afternoon!

What was your favourite part about Winter Wonder?
How can you tell the difference between a Coniferous and Deciduous tree?

The Water Cycle Experiment

This month in Science we are learning all about water! We have started talking about the water cycle and wanted to see if we could notice it in an experiment. We were very excited to find that our experiment worked!

IMG_0241 IMG_0243 IMG_0245 IMG_0247

How did we perform our experiment?

What is the water cycle? How did our experiment show the water cycle?

It’s Skating Time

Over the next several weeks, our class and Mrs. Sharpe’s class will be going skating together. Mrs. Sharpe and I like to divide everyone into stations to work on our skating. Today our four stations were stopping, crossovers, backwards skating, and weaving through pylons. A BIG thank you to our parent volunteers who were there to tie skates and those who were able to join us on the ice. To our student skating teachers, well done!!!

IMG_0230 IMG_0232 IMG_0234 IMG_0235

What was your favourite skating station? 

What would you like to learn or work on during our skating time?

Pinkus Returns!

Today we started our first lesson of We CAN Be Friends with Mrs. Pakenham!


This program is put out by the Canucks Autism Network to educate students about autism. We got to enjoy this program last year in our school and we are so happy to do it again this year with new activities and more learning.


This year we will be focussing on perspective and friendship. Mrs. Pakenham read us this story today:


What do you remember about our friend, Pinkus?

Number Sense

This week in Math we have been developing our number sense by using base ten blocks. This will help us prepare to learn 2 and 3 digit addition! Here is a video of our fun with Math 🙂


Our class loves watching Kid President videos! In the video below, Kid President says we are all teachers and students. What are you going to teach the world? How does this fit in with the start of a new year?

World Presentations

This week we had the privilege of having some International students from our high school come to our classroom to present facts about their home countries! This was a perfect wrap-up to our winter and Christmas Around the World learning from December. We listened to presentations on







IMG_0190 IMG_0194 IMG_0197

All of the presentations were very interesting! A big thank you to our awesome presenters!


Which country was your favourite to hear about?

What did you like best about the presentations?