Take Me Outside Day 2014

As you can see from the amazing descriptive words above we had a blast being outside today for 3 straight hours going to different activities with our buddy groups! Here are a couple of videos of Mrs. Kostiuk’s buddy group:

Students in each group also took photos throughout the day with our LearnPads. We can’t wait to show what was captured from their eyes – hopefully at the next assembly!

To learn more about Take Me Outside Day click here.

Down on the Farm

Yesterday we had a special trip to a farm near our community. This farm grows a lot of vegetables! We also got to pick out some pumpkins to carve later this week – yay! Here are some photos of our day:

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What vegetables are they growing at the farm right now?

What did you find out about the water supply for the farm?

What are they growing in the  Hoop Shed?

What did you get to eat from the bakery?

What was your favourite part about our field trip?

Check out more photos of our trip on Mrs. Sharpe’s blog!

Fun with Math

During Choice time, some students in our class challenged themselves to build a large pattern around our classroom. Check it out!


Making a Pattern from Mrs Kostiuk on Vimeo.

Buddy Book Bags

This year for buddy book bags, our class decided to do something a little different! Mrs. Driscoll found some reusable pillow cases for us last year that we were able to cut in half. Viktor’s mom volunteered to sew them up and add a handle for us, and then we were able to decorate! We used fabric crayons and spray paints to personalize our bags.

IMG_4030 IMG_4031 IMG_4033

Here are a few examples:

IMG_4046 IMG_4045 IMG_4044 IMG_4043

How did you decorate your buddy book bag?

Where do you read for buddy reading?

Do you enjoy being a big buddy for our buddy reading this year?

Sunflowers – inspired by van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh was a famous artist. Here is one of his paintings:


One of Mrs. Kostiuk’s favourite things about the end of summer and the beginning of fall are all of the beautiful sunflowers. Check out our amazing “van Gogh inspired” sunflowers:


What is your favourite thing about Fall?

Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives

It is Fire Prevention Week and we had a special visit from Firefighter Noah and Firefighter Antoine. This year the theme is Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives. 

Fire Safety 1 Fire Safety 2We even got to check out a firetruck!

Fire Safety 5 Fire Safety 7 Fire Safety 6 Fire Safety 3 Fire Safety 9You can tour more of the fire truck with your family, as well as the Fire Hall, on Thursday, October 9 at 6pm.

Here are some questions to get you thinking about what you learned about fire prevention:

What do smoke detectors do to help us?

What signal can you make to firefighters from your bedroom window?

Have you made a fire escape plan with your family? If you have, what is it?


Zack & Ty go to Yellowstone

Dear Mrs. Kostiuk and Class,

We are having a fun time on our trip to Yellowstone.

These pictures show the coolest place we have ever been – inside a cave that went more than a mile underground!

This was in Lewis & Clark Cavern State Park.

01 2 3 4

We got lucky today and saw an amazing geyser – they are all over the park.  We also saw lots of wildlife – Moose, a black bear, bison, Elk, mule deer, pronghorn deer, and got caught in a pika jam!  Tomorrow we are heading back to the park – Old Faithful here we come!

6 7 8

Here we are at Earthquake Lake on the way to Yellowstone.

Today we toured Yellowstone National Park for the first time – we saw a petrified tree that was 50 million years old and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone – it was awesome!

See you soon,

Ty & Zack

9 1011

Going Batty

We’re going batty in our class! We are currently reading the novel,

200px-Silverwingand learning about bats in our class! Today we listened to an Aboriginal legend from Mrs. Keiver about bats. Next, we played some games about what it would be like to be a bat and use echolocation and other senses to “see” instead of our eyes.

IMG_3939 IMG_3937 IMG_3936

What would you like to learn about bats?

In our novel, Shade is lost. Do you think he will find his colony again? What is going to happen?

Check out this website to find some neat facts about bats!