My Pedagogy

Pedagogy is the science and art of education. Here is a collection of some of my personal highlights over the past two years at our school. I am so pleased to be back at our school again in the fall :)!


FIFA World Cup

Football 2014 design with a white background

The FIFA World Cup is June 12-July 13 this year. This is a special Football (also known in North America as Soccer) tournament that happens once every four years! Football is said to be the world’s most popular sport with 250,000,000 players in over 200 countries!

Brazil is the lucky country that gets to host this awesome event this year. Check out this world map that shows Canada and Brazil. Can you tell which country is which?


Check out this video and get excited to watch some amazing football from around the world:
Here are some photos of us enjoying the game with student leaders from the high school 🙂

DSC03150 DSC03140 DSC03142 DSC03146


What is your favourite part about our soccer unit?

Are you going to watch the World Cup?