Frog Belly Rat Bone one, two, three, You Must Be Patient And Then You Will See

This month we have been doing many activities with this book:

61JePIi6aVL._SL500_AA300_It fits in perfectly with our newest ventures in Science – growing plants in the greenhouse and composting!

As we learned in this book, if you are patient, then you will slowly see the treasure reveal itself. What is the treasure?

Here are some pictures of us documenting our treasures as they reveal themselves to us:

IMG_3584 IMG_3588 IMG_3589 IMG_3590 IMG_3591

What are you growing in the greenhouse?

13 thoughts on “Frog Belly Rat Bone one, two, three, You Must Be Patient And Then You Will See

  1. Dear Mrs Kostiuk
    Im growing Sunflowers in the greenhouse and one is a mixed and the other one is a Kung one.
    From Hser Dri

  2. Dear mrs. Kostiuk,

    I am growing watermellon in the greenhouse. One of them is sugar baby and the other one is normal watermellon. I take good care of my watermellon but none are growing yet. evry day I keep them helthy.

    From Marissa

  3. Dear MRS K.

    I am growing a watermelon. I water it every morning.One is a sweet baby thee other a plain one.One (the plain one) just spouted this morning!:) I am really happy! I hope thee other one will spout soon!If you were allowed to choose a plant what would you choose?

    I hope the science fair is well
    this year!:)

    Love. Cassidy

    • Dear Cassidy,

      That is a tough question…if I had to pick one plant to grow I would pick…a sunflower I think, they are beautiful. I’m so happy to hear you talk about your excitement for the greenhouse and science fair.

      From Mrs. Kostiuk

  4. Dear Mrs. K,
    I am growing chickpeas in the greenhouse. I check them up every morning after I come to school, hopefully they will grow faster with my good care.

    From Evan

    • Dear Evan,

      I’m glad to hear you check your chickpeas every morning. I wonder what they will taste like when they are ready to eat! I think they will grow very well with your good care :).

      From Mrs. Kostiuk

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