Ryder in Tobago

It sure was great to see everyone’s smiling faces back at school today! We are missing one though…Ryder! He happens to be in Tobago in the Caribbean.

tobago2-bigHere is a picture of where Tobago is on the globe. Can you find where Canada is?



Be sure to follow Ryder’s Adventures in Tobago by clicking on the link to his blog under Class Blogs on the righthand side, or you can find it here.

What did you do during Spring Break?

Have you ever been anywhere in the Caribbean or somewhere hot?



What is a LearnPad?
A LearnPad is basically a tablet designed specifically for education.


A LearnPad is similar to an iPad, except that the LearnPad is more easily manageable by the teacher to control the educational content and applications that run on each device. For more information, check out this article: LearnPad vs. iPad

Mrs. Kostiuk is at a Webinar today to learn more about LearnPads and after Spring Break we will be using them in our classroom! We are going to be a Pilot classroom in our district to experiment with all of the amazing things you can do with this tablet at school.

What are you excited to use the LearnPad for?

How do you think we can use the LearnPads in our classroom and school?

Ski Days

This month we have been able to go to our local ski hill twice for ski days and have lucked out on BOTH days to have FANTASTIC weather! Here is a collection of some of our photos:


Did you ski, snowboard, or cross country ski?

What was your favourite part during our ski days?

Poetry Madness 2014 Round #1

Mrs. Kostiuk’s Dad is a BIG basketball fan, and every March there is a College Basketball tournament in the USA known as “March Madness”. This March, our class will be participating in a tournament of our own…but instead of basketball, we are going to use poetry! (Thank you for the idea, Mr. Salsich!) Every week there will be a post of students in our class reading different poems they have chosen, and a poll to vote on your weekly favourite. When we return from Spring Break, we will be down to the “Final Four” in our quest to find our favourite poem! Stay tuned each week…even throughout Spring Break…and remember to vote!

Thoughts On Space

We have very excitedly started our unit on Space! To get us ready to learn about this fascinating topic, we will be looking at



We started by looking at this picture of astronaut, Chris Hadfield:



and tried to wonder what was he thinking? What was he feeling? What words might he have said as he looked out at the universe? Here is a Wordle we created to sum up our thoughts:



What are you most excited to learn about during our space unit?