Celebrating Family Literacy

We celebrated Family Literacy Day this week by having a POPS (Parents Of Primary Students) Open House night at our school. The focus this time was Math Literacy. In each classroom you could play a variety of different games that touched on different K-3 math concepts. At the end of the night, students took home a book, a deck of cards and a pair of dice along with a booklet filled with fun activities that can be done at home. Check out this video of taking just 15 minutes every night at home to do a learning activity together…look at all of these fun ideas!

Which game did you like the best at POPS? 

Why is it important to be able to do math? Why do you need math in life?

Olympic Countdown

We have been preparing to watch the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia by giving Show & Tell presentations about the winter sports and the Canadian athletes competing in them. Today we had the privilege of being able to Skype with 4 Canadian athletes on our 2014 Olympic ski team – Mikaël KingsburyMarc-Antoine Gagnon, Audrey Robichaud, and Phil Marquis!!! We got to ask them questions along with Mrs. Taggart’s and Mrs. Sharpe’s classes. A BIG Thank You to Mrs. Taggart for making this possible :)!

IMG_3330 IMG_3334 IMG_3338Here is a #WeAreWinter video of Mikaël Kingsbury

And here is an excited tweet from Phil Marquis, who just recently made the Olympic team!

What did you learn from talking to the athletes?

If you got to ask them a question, what was it?

Kindness Boomerang

Since the beginning of the school year we have talked about Respect. We have had discussions in our classroom and with our school counsellor, Mrs. Neil, read stories like “Hey Little Ant”, created artwork, and watched videos like the Kindness Boomerang:


And now, in February, we will once again be celebrating Pink Shirt Day. Check back soon to see how we will be inspired this year ;).

What is the kindness boomerang about?

Why should we celebrate Pink Shirt Day?

How does respect relate to Pink Shirt Day?

When I Was Eight

Last week we read this book with our Aboriginal coordinator, Mrs. Keiver. It is about a young Inuit girl, Olemaun (OO-lee-mawn), from Banks Island who really wants to learn to read. She travels by boat to Aklavik in the Northwest Territories to a residential school.

Why do you think Olemaun wants to learn to read?

Why is it important to learn to read?

Do you think you are lucky to be able to go to a school?

Gym in the Snow

Over the winter break the roof of our gym needed to be fixed. It is still being worked on, so we have had to take our gym time outside! Here are some pictures of what we have been doing instead:

IMG_3195 IMG_3197 IMG_3198 IMG_3206 IMG_3208

Snowshoe 3 Snowshoe 1 Snowshoe 2

What is your favourite way to slide?

Have you ever used snowshoes before?

Pizza Math

To help us understand the concept of fractions, we decided pizza might do the trick ;)!

First we cut the pizza into halves. Each piece is 1/2 of the pizza.

First we cut the pizza into halves. Each piece is 1/2 of the pizza.

Next we cut the pizza into quarters. Each piece is 1/4 of the pizza.

Next we cut the pizza into quarters. Each piece is 1/4 of the pizza.

Then we cut the pizza into eighths. We each got 1/8 of a pizza.

Then we cut the pizza into eighths. We each got 1/8 of a pizza.

What other foods could you use to show fractions? How would you cut them?

Skating Wednesdays

Every Wednesday in January our class will be skating with Mrs. Sharpe’s class. Yesterday was our first day and we started some stations. Student leaders helped their classmates learn to stop, crossover, skate backwards, and turn.

IMG_3185 IMG_3187 IMG_3188 IMG_3189

What is your experience with skating?

Did you wear hockey skates or figure skates?

We’re Reaching For The Stars in 2014!

It’s a brand new calendar year and I am excited to see all of your smiling faces back at school soon. The school reopens on Monday, January 6! Before we went on our break in December, students brainstormed some goals for the new year:


Cass – Next year I want to be a better swimmer.

Kris – My goal is to join all the sports teams!

Draden – In the year 2014 I will try to complete my school work.

Makayla – My goal is to be a pro at math.

Parker – My goal is to help kindergartens on the playground.

Autumn – My goal is to do more math.

William – My new year’s resolution is that I’m going to learn more about Egypt.

Lucas – My goal is to have fun and to give away.

Tsuyoshi – My goal is to be kind to everyone.

Zoe – My goal is to walk my sister and make my sister happy and make my mom and dad happy too and help my mom and dad and my sister too!

Kiera – Next year I will play with new friends and help lots of new kindergartens and in 2014 I want to complete gymnastics and go to the finals in 2014.

Conner – My goal is helping the grade K’s on the playground.

Hser Dri – Next year I will see Ku Gay. My goal is to read more.

Evan – My goal is to be good at home and to do a lot of homework.

Ryder – Next year I will be better at math.

Olivia – My goal is I want to be able to do bigger math questions in 2014.

Sakari – My goal in 2014 is to do amazing Art!

Trentin – My goal is to help kindergartens.

Leah– My goal is to be a better reader in 2014.

Eden– This year I will make even better arts and crafts.

Aven – My goal next year is I will do amazing math in 2014.

Presley – My goal is to help kindergartens around the school!