Have a great Spring Break!

We are now on spring break for two weeks – yahoo! We will be back at school Tuesday, April 2.

Sunday, March 17 is St. Patrick’s day and we celebrated it today with our “Lucky Leprechaun Day” at school. Here is a look at some of the things we did:

Paddy O’Toole and the Turnips Readers Theatre

How to Catch A Leprechaun

First I would get a shiny rock with a long piece of string tied to the rock. Make sure that the leprechaun is following the rope. Find a hole in the ground then put 10 shiny rock sin it. Then wait behind a bush until a leprechaun comes by and see the 10 shiny rocks in the hole. Then I would put a big lid over him but I would not take my eye off him if he told me to because he could disappear. Then I would ask him to lead me to his gold and dig it up and bring it home. Then I would be rich if I am lucky to catch him.

1. If you want to catch a leprechaun you want to put a pot of gold with chocolates around it (the chocolates will make the leprechaun fat so if you look away and look back you can see him waddling away).
2. Say to the leprechaun GIVE MEY YU GOLD!
3. Follow the leprechaun to the gold.
4. Grab the gold and run like CRAZY!

1. Put money in front of a tree.
2. Hide and wait.
3. Let leprechaun grab money.
4. SNAP!
5. Cage falls on leprechaun.
6. He will lead you to gold.
7. You let him go.
8. You get shovel.
9. Leprechaun calls, “Help!”
10. You get back and get gold!

1. First you build a trap that is shiny.
2. Then hide the trap in some bushes so the leprechaun won’t see it.
3. Next, hide in some tall grass and wait.
4. When the leprechaun walks into the trap jump up and grab him and tie him up and ask him where the gold is.
5. As soon as he tells where the gold is you ask him to take you to the spot.
6. As soon as you get there you ask if he has a shovel handy.
7. And if he does ask where it’s buried.
8. When he tells you, ask how come I know you aren’t tricking me?
9. When you know that he is not tricking you dig up the gold if he has a shovel.
10. If you find the gold take it home with you.

1. First get something shiny.
2. Then set up a trap.
3. Make sure the leprechaun is in the trap.
4. Put earmuffs on.
5. Make sure the leprechaun doesn’t make you look away.
6. Then make the leprechaun lead you to his gold.
And that’s how you catch a leprechaun.

1. First you get a big box and put a light in the box and some tinfoil.
2. Then hide in a bush and take a shovel and a leash so he can’t run away.
3. When a leprechaun comes jump on him and put him on the leash.
4. When he leads you to the end of the rainbow, dig up the gold with the shovel.

5 thoughts on “Have a great Spring Break!

    • Dear Leif,

      That would be fun to go to Vancouver! I am in Victoria right now and the weather is beautiful – they don’t have any snow here!

      From Mrs. Kostiuk

    • Dear Alexis,

      I’m glad to hear you are enjoying spring break. I am looking forward to Easter too…turkey dinner and chocolate mini eggs – yum! I hope the Easter bunny is good to you 🙂

      From Mrs. Kostiuk

  1. Dear mrs kostiuk
    Thank you for witing back.that turkey dinner does sound good and the chocolate eggs.I will wite you back on easter.
    From Alexis

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