Proud to be Canadian

This evening at exactly 3:10pm, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield became the first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station!

What an inspiration!

For a look at life inside the ISS, check out this link.

If you could live on the ISS, what would you do all day?

What experiments would you want to try in zero gravity?


12 thoughts on “Proud to be Canadian

  1. I would wake up do some science, eat and do more science. I would make a ray gun and experiment and see if it would work.

  2. Dear Mrs kostiuk
    If I could live in the iss I would fly all day.I would do an making cupcakes experiment.


  3. Dear Mrs.kostiuk
    If I could stay in the iss I would do summersolits in the air.In zero gravity I would do a handstand in the air.

    from Tuva

  4. Dear Mrs Kostiuk
    what i would do i get 1 hour to get up then 100 expearamets. What i woud do is try to do soccer

    from rowen

  5. dear mrs kostiuk
    we think it would be cool to skatbord in space
    and we would say we are the best skatborders orbiting earth
    from chris & eli

  6. Dear Mrs.Kostiuk if I would exsersize and eat and sleep day in the ISS.I would experiment a tarnato in the ISS.From Sawyer

  7. Dear Mrs .K
    If I went to space in the ISS I would :wake up,
    look out the window ,eat brectfast,do two expirements,train my musels and do more expirements.I would maybey to play some sports like : soccer , hockey or maybey vollyball . A cupple expiraments I would like to try are seeing how many front flips or back flips I can do in space .

    From LONDON

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