Four O’Clock Friday

In honour of Pink Shirt Day today, we acted out the following poem:

Four o’clock, Friday, I’m home at last, 
time to forget the week that’s passed.

On Monday break they stole my ball 
And threw it over the garden wall.

On Tuesday morning, I came in late, 
But they were waiting behind the gate.

On Wednesday afternoon, in games, 
They threw mud and called me names.

Yesterday, they laughed after the test, 
‘cuz my marks were lower than the rest.

Today, they trampled my books on the floor 
And I was kept in because I swore.

Four o’clock, Friday, at last I’m free;
For two whole days they can’t get me.


Ski Day

Today was our second school ski day. The sun was shining and everything went pretty smoothly – I even got to ski with some of the kids too! What a great day 🙂






That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

This week we wrapped up our study of the moon by writing our own “moon stories”. Check out some of our stories below, along with video of the first man on the moon: Neil Armstrong.

I landed on the moon and I was so amazed that I dropped my candy bar and then I had to chase it as it floated away. I finally got my candy bar but I did not eat it. I did not see any water or rain. The Earth looked like a marble because it was 385000 km away. There were no signs of life anywhere.
By Sawyer

I landed on the moon and immediately fell into a crater and bonked my head. My helmet fell off and it started to float away. I quickly jumped up and grabbed it. I wanted to get out of the crater so I got my ladder and climbed out of the crater. I looked around and there was no sign of life. I walked to the spaceship and had lunch. I came out with hot chocolate and I dropped it! My hot chocolate fell out of my glass and it started floating! So I jumped and ate it. I climbed back into my spaceship and launched back to Earth.
By Makayla

When I landed on the moon I heard a CRASH and I tumbled onto the floor. When I got outside it was dark and there were no signs of life. I tripped into a crater and there was an alien staring at me and he said &@*&$)*# in an angry voice. It pointed his ray gun at me and I ran for my life, jumped into my spaceship and headed for Earth!
By Christopher

I landed on the moon and immediately fell into a big crater. Then I bounced out of the crater. I saw no signs of life and no water, no rain, no air. I hopped up into the ship and went back home, which was 385000 km away!
By Janasha

What have you learned about the moon?

Pink Shirt Surprise

Today we had a Recognition Assembly at school and our class performed our own version of the “What Makes You Beautiful” flash mob to promote awareness for Pink Shirt Day next Wednesday, February 27.

Way to go, grade 3’s! Now we get to teach the whole school our dance so that we can perform it on Pink Shirt Day together.

How did it feel to perform on the stage in front of the whole school?

Why should we celebrate Pink Shirt Day?

Our Winter “Carnaval”

On Wednesday, our school hosted our own winter Carnaval. We invited the other K-3 school and had the French 10 class come over from our high school to help us run the stations and share some of our French Canadian language and culture with us. We had 8 events at our Carnaval:

Cabane à sucre (Sugar Shack)

Bain de neige (Snow Bath)

Jeu de soccer géant (Giant Table-Soccer)

Queues de castor (Beaver Tails)

Sculpture sur neige (Snow & Ice Sculptures)

Bonhomme Carnaval (Pictures with Bonhomme)

Glissades (Snow Slides)

Hockey bottine (Floor Hockey)

The sun shone brightly and it was a fun day! Thank you to everyone – teachers, parents, and students for the support to make this a successful and fun day!

What did you learn at our winter Carnaval?

What was your favourite station and why?


Carnaval de Québec

Last month, students in our class each did a Show and Tell on events at Carnaval de Québec, a winter carnival that occurs every year in February in Québec City. I was very impressed with all of the Show and Tell presentations – great job, grade 3’s and thank you to our parents for all of their help, too! Below is Tuva making her own maple taffy on snow and Nigel riding down an ice slide!

Nigel ice slide

On Wednesday, February 13 from 9:15-12 we are having our own Carnaval at our school! Please have your child bring an ice block (made from freezing water in a milk carton) to school that morning for our ice sculpture station!