Our class has joined twitter! As we begin our science unit on the Solar System, we are following Canadian Astronaut, Chris Hadfield, on twitter as he tweets live from the International Space Station! We are really enjoying the amazing photos he is posting of his views from space and videos he creates about how things work living in space. Aside from these, another very exciting thing is happening while this astronaut is in space – he is helping to write a song for Music Monday, which is celebrated on the first Monday of May all across Canada. Check out this article for more information:

We can’t wait for the premiere of the song on February 8!


Last weekend, schools in Vancouver put together a brilliant flash mob at a Vancouver Giants hockey game to promote awareness for Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday, February 27.

Our class enjoyed watching the flash mob so much we feel inspired to do something of our own for Pink Shirt Day. Stay tuned…

Winter Wonder

On Monday our class enjoyed going on the Winter Wonder program. We trekked  to a forested area near our school and learned about many interesting things to do with plant and animal winter adaptations! We also got to play some fun games too.

Playing Camouflage. Can you see me?

What is one thing that you learned during the Winter Wonder program?


We are currently doing a gymnastics unit in gym class and every Friday we get to play Pirates!  Students take turns being the pirates (taggers) and the others must leap and jump across the islands to avoid the pirates and the shark infested waters. We have a lot of fun playing this game!

Brrrrr it’s cold out there!

To start off the new year and to try out a new program on the computers, our class each picked an Arctic animal to research. With the information, each student worked to create a prezi, which is a “cloud-based presentation software” similar to powerpoint. We have enjoyed playing around with this program and learning all of the different things that it can do!

Check out Rowen’s prezi on Snowy Owls here

Which Arctic animal did you choose? What is one interesting fact you found out about your animal?

Word Work

In following with our school’s efforts to be more “green”, as well as taking a great idea from Mrs. Hammond at MES, I am now going to be posting our Word Work lists on the blog. Please ask your child which group they are in and use the following lists to practice with your child at home. For ideas on word work activities, please see the previous post or check out the link under the “Word Work” tab above.

Green Group – short ‘a’ and long ‘a’

space, rain, black, mane, tale, brain, paint, place, rash, blame, train, main, faint, want, chain, camp, tail, said, frame, flash

Yellow Group – short ‘a’ and long ‘a’

day, trade, nail, glass, stay, raise, grain, brave, play, clay, stand, slave, they, tray, may, gray, gain, taste, aid, say, shape, past, pray

Thanks for the idea, Mrs. Hammond! Check out her grade 2 class blog at

Welcome Back!

Goodbye, 2012 and Hello, 2013! It feels great to get back into routine again after the holidays! We will be getting back into the Words Their Way program once again and word lists will be sent home. Here is a look at some of the activities we have done in class with our words. Attached is also a chart with activities that you can do at home with your child to practice their words weekly!

word work tic tac toe