Halloween Howl

This morning we carved pumpkins in our class. Everyone chose a pattern and away we went! After recess, we took our carved pumpkins to the gym with Mrs. Sharpe’s class and put on our own “Halloween Howl” for the rest of the school by lighting up our pumpkins and hiding behind them in the dark. It was lots of fun!


20121030-223334.jpgHalloween Howl – click here to watch our Halloween Howl in the gym!

Makayla’s Island Adventure

Our classmate, Makayla, went to Vancouver Island with her family last week. Here are some photos she took on her trip.

This is Makayla on the ferry, amazed by the big ocean, we even saw killer whales from the deck.

Makayla loved all the moss that grew on the trees, the trees were completely covered.

More moss growing on the trees, the trees in this picture are between 300 and 800 years old, so the moss was thick like carpet.

Everything at the coast grows much bigger than in the Kootenay’s. This is a giant Maple leaf.

This is the middle of a huge tree, the girls couldn’t believe they could go right inside. They couldn’t get over how big the trees were!!

Thanks for sharing, Makayla!

Has anyone else in our class ever been to Vancouver Island?

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The Bat Lady

Today we had a bat presentation in our class by Batty Patty! She showed us a lot of great pictures of bats and told us some new interesting facts! She showed us what a bat house looks like and how we can help bats.

We also got to play a game to demonstrate how a bat mommy can find her pup.




What new information did you learn about bats?


Bat Sunsets

We have been working on this art project in steps over the past couple of weeks and most of the class finished today! The sunsets were made with watercolour paints. To make the grass students blew blobs of black paint with a straw and then used a toothpick to spread it out. After students made their bats out of construction paper. Great work, grade 3’s!

What was your favourite part of making the bat sunset pictures?

In our novel, Silverwing, Shade and Marina have finally met Goth and Throbb.

What do you think is going to happen next in Silverwing?

Exercise Balls

Students in our class have the privilege of sitting on exercise balls this year instead of chairs!

We were very fortunate to get a class set at our school. The students seem to really enjoy sitting on exercise balls and I have seen a lot of benefits for their concentration and body control.

Why do you like sitting on a ball?


Life in My Town

We are looking at community in our social studies unit right now. Together, as a class, we brainstormed the many activities that we do in our town. Next, students created a drawing to show something special about our town. Here are a couple of examples:

What is your favourite thing to do in our town?

Bat poems

In addition to the Words Their Way program, students in our school are working with the No Excuse Words for Kindergarten to Grade 3. Last week, our word of the week was there. Students created a rhyming poem about a bat using the word, there, within their poem.

We continue to read the book, Silverwing.

What has happened so far in the story?

What do you think is going to happen next?


Our class has art with Mrs. Neeve once a week and I wanted to post these fabulous pumpkins that they have been making with her. They look even better in person – come and check them out 🙂


How did you make these pumpkins? What did you use?

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week our class and the grade 2/3 class got to make applesauce!

We are very thankful to everyone who helped us make this tasty treat for us to take home this weekend and share with our families.


How did we make the applesauce?

What are you thankful for?